Let’s Talk School… Schuedule and Habits.

Hello hello. I haven’t posted much, because the pandemic is making me very upset and worried at times. My mother is a nurse, and has recently had an interview to transfer to a hospital to take care of COVID positive patients. But that’s not what I’m here to discuss!

Remember those times in class when this (see above) would happen? Now it’s just “I’ll do my HyperDoc and play videogames in between. Nevermind the hours flying by.” School used be tiring, but fun. Now it’s a nuiesence of sorts, like I can sleep in whenever I’d like, I don’t have to worry about grades, and the work is lax. But still, who wants to do work, espically when they’re constantly worried, or trying to play videogames? Nevertheless I am grateful for my education, and a chance to learn from home.

Before school I would wak up at 6:00am feeling like I was already drained of energy. I would go through my morning routine and be out the door by 7:50am to catch the bus at 8:00am. From there on the bus, I would rest my eyes or catch up on work until we got to school at 8:25am. School starts at 8:30am here, so I would hurry to my locker and dash to my first class.  From my first class, me still being extremely tired, I go through three more classes, having four in total per day. At 12:25pm my class would head off to lunch and then back to class at 12:55pm. At 3:18pm the final bel dismisses the whole school and by 3:48pm I arrive at home, to handle the mass workload.

Now that we’re requiered by law to stay home, we have moved indoors for online learning. I usually wake up around 9:00am and eat some breakfast. After I relax until 10:30am or 11:00am I start working and I complete at least one subject a day and by the time Friday rolls around, I have finished most, or all of my work and I am ready to enjoy a nice three day weekend. I feel happier at home doing work, but at the same time I realize I took school for granted. School was the only place I could relax away from my parents… and I miss my friends so very much. So I can’t wait for this all to be over.

Speaking of “all this”, this pandemic had really hit hard for me. I didn’t get to see my immediate family for a solid month, and then I had to wait another two weeks before I could go over to see them. As I said before, my mother is a nurse. She’s always worked with sick patients and enjoys it greatly. But now she had be drafted to work with COVID positive patients. She wouldn’t be able to live with us, her family, if her company decides that they need her enough. But, like I said before, our family has a few health problems. I’m sure everything will fine, however, and I’m grateful for everything I have.

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