51 Ways To Keep Boredom at Bay!

Hello, hello, HELLOOOO! It’s me,  Milky Ways With Words! I am extremely bored at home and I’m guessing the rest of you are as well. Unless of course, you’re keep busy. Psst.. what’s your secret? Haha, anyways, I’llbe sharing some of the ways I’VE kept myself busy. I felt like I should put it in a list, and you all at home can scroll through and see which one you’d like to try! And a shout out to my entire communications class. I miss you guys so much. That class was my stress reliever of the day and really helped me mellow out after P.E. Also a shoutout to my bestie, who’s blog name is The Political Junkie! Check out her blog, because she is an absolutely AMAZING writer! Ok, here we go! Random assortment of entering things to do coming your way!

  1. Write short stories
  2. Read short stories
  3. Rearrange your room
  4. Make a sticky note collage of encouraging messages
  5. Nap
  6. Go on a walk
  7. Bike
  8. Scoot
  9. Have a water balloon fight
  10. Sunbathe
  11. Take a bubble bath
  12. Draw
  13. Color in a coloring book
  14. Text your friends
  15. Call your friends
  16. Email your friends
  17. Write a Haiku
  18. Make a blog
  19. Reorganize your closet
  20. Reorganize your backpack
  21. Clean out your desk
  22. Play with you pets
  23. Take your dog on a walk
  24. Jog around your neighborhood
  25. Do a movie night
  26. Make a fort
  27. Do a movie night IN a fort
  28. Clean your room
  29. Play video games
  30. Play board games with your family
  31. Play cards
  32. Reach out to old friends and family
  33. Try some new food
  34. Try a new hair style
  35. Make a homemade pizza
  36. Learn a new fact everyday
  37. Write a book
  38. Read a new gerne of books
  39. Explore new hobbies
  40. Paint
  41. Begin learning a new language
  42. Bake
  43. Sing
  44. Dance
  45. Take a joy ride with your family
  46. Watch TV
  47. Enjoy some R&R
  48. Finish all your school work
  49. Enjoy some candy
  50. Build some LEGOS
  51. Make chalk art

And there you have it! Just some of the things that I’ve been doing to keep myself active, busy, and most importantly, entertained! Comment which ones you’ve done and comment on thing your GOING to do next! Stay safe, wash your hands and don’t touch your face. I’m signing off now so I’ll see you all very soon!


2 thoughts on “51 Ways To Keep Boredom at Bay!

  1. Greetings, Miki!

    Nature Nerd here. Believe it or not, I have completed forty-one out of fifty-one of your things to do when bored. I have done a lot of them multiple times, including every single fort related, room related , and outdoors related (Except the chalk! I thought I had a bin, but when I went into the garage to check, I was highly disappointed). I hope you are keeping up with school work AND fun things. Out of all the activities listed above what was your favorite/you do the most?

    Nature Nerd

  2. Makayla,
    I love the suggestions you added, especially the last one! Seeing you every day on the bus and at lunch always brought a smile to my face. Social isolation sucks right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to isolate ourselves from reality. Call me anytime!

    – Lily J

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