2020…Processing Data…

HELLOOOOOOO Interweb! This is a first; a reflection post. By that, I mean that I’m going to be reflecting about all the posts I’ve well… posted.

                  In the eight weeks that I participated in the blogging challenge, I posted ( counting this on ) 11 posts. I’ll soon be posting my 13 post so make sure to check in every now and then. Now, I would like to explain my title really quickly. For me it’s a lot of processing since I’ve been alive for quite some time. So far I’ve recieved 8 comments (it’s not much but it’s better than nothing and for that I’m grateful) and I mostly used Google Images and other photo generators to my creativity through “tHe PoWeR oF pHoToGrApHs”. And let me tell you, I REALLY enjoyed my Christmas Overload post. I really really really REALLY LOVE CHRISTMAS!! Over here where I live, we don’t get a lot of snow. It’s mostly just rain but, we did get two days off of school due to the snow we had a week or so ago. Man I had a BLAST sledding with my lil bro! 

        I plan to conitue my blog through the rest of my school career. If I decide to make another blog before I leave school I’ll leave a link to it! Later on in the year, I’ll talk about other holidays and school events and fun stuff happening in my life. I’m not crazy passionate about blogging, but I enjoy the exprience immensely. I’m a omnivert, meaning I can be introverted and extroverted at different times. Anyways…

          I cannot believe that I’ve had so many views. Now, not all of you leave comments… or URL’s… but nevertheless, it is appreicated. I haven’t been blogging that long; less than a year, and plenty of people have visited my blog. I want to be either an author or psychologist (perhaps both, we shall see indeed ). Blogging is a way for me to strengthen my writing,vocabulary, and grammar. I know that there’s a lot of typos in my writing but I’m working towards fixing those problems. Let me know if you have any questions and make sure to comment and leave a link to your blog. Cya next time!



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