Christmas Overload!

Ho ho hello! I’m excited to be talking about my favorite holiday, Christmas! This post is going to be all about the 25th of December, so buckle up! There’s snow  telling what’s in store! 


           I love how quiet it gets when it snows. I always go out on my deck when the snow sticks and just… listen. No cars are driving because everybody in my county is scared of driving in the snow. All the wild animals are hybrating or hiding from the cold. It feels like I’m the only living thing outside. It’s lovely, and I usually walk around in the forest in front of my house, and it gets even better. I’ve got a special spot, a rock just big enough to sit on and I can look out at the road or another patch of forest.  It feels really good for my mental and emotional health, and I recommend it to someone who is extremely stressed or just needs a break from life.


  Now, the holiday itself is a whole other novel. I’ve got so much to say about Christmas, and you had better bet I’m going to write it all. On Christmas Eve, we- my family and I- cuddle up with cookies ( baked earlier ) and popcorn with marshmallows. Popcorn with marshmallows was my six-year-old self making regular popcorn  extra special. I know, weird, but try it because it’s pretty tasty.Then my family and I annually watch the “Polar Express.” It’s one of my favorite movies just because of nostalgia, and I HIGHLY recommend watching it. When my family and I are done with the movie, we put out the milk and cookies for Santa, and my five-year-old brother leaves a welcoming note, and we go to bed.


In the morning, my grandparents ( mom’s side ) come over and have breakfast with us and open presents. We watch football and talk until the afternoon rolls around and then go over to my other grandparents house ( dad’s side ). We open a little bit of presents there and  then we eat lunch. My family and I ( mom, dad, brother and me ) all go back to my house to relax before preparing the Christmas ham and such. Then all of my extended family gathers for dinner. Perhaps my Christmas is different from yours ( if you celebrate Christmas ), but I wouldn’t change for the world. I’ve got more fond memories from my childhood. I’ll share in December so check up on blog every now and then and make sure to leave me a link to your blog! Now, a poem I wrote to express my surreal joy for this holiday and when I say surreal, I get a different kind of excitement in December just because it’s Christmas month. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure some of you can relate. 

Oh, boy, it’s already here

My favorite time of the year

The cold wind’s blowing 

And the apple cider’s flowing


Everybody’s here

Plenty of cheer 

And outside the halls

Silence befalls


The world I live in 

The tree is tall and bright

My deck decorated with light 

Cookies eaten from tin 

I’ll find happiness within 


Merry Christmas 

From Yours Truly 

Hoping you stay golden

Like my Christmas lights

One thought on “Christmas Overload!

  1. Hi Miki!
    Your post made me so excited for the Christmas holidays. It is also one of my favorite times of the year. Your description of the silence during a snow storm was beautifully written. I’m originally from New England, and everyone drives in the snow. The only thing that keeps people home is a genuine blizzard! So, it was quite an adjustment moving to Virginia and realizing that everyone stays home, businesses and schools close, and life generally comes to a screeching halt every time it snows. At first, I found it a bit unnerving, and of course, there was that time my husband drove the kids to school because we couldn’t imagine that school was cancelled with only an inch of snow on the ground. When he pulled into the empty parking lot, he was in for quite a surprise. We’d missed the call from Wayde! Over the years, I’ve come to embrace this reaction to the snow and look forward to those days when we hunker down, make hot chocolate, and spend time together as a family. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a white Christmas this year?
    Your description of your family traditions was also so descriptive, and once again I connected with you because we’ve recently discovered the wonder of popcorn and marshmallows too! Your poem is the perfect closing to your excellent post.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Mrs. Sheridan

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