Update on the Sun Conure! His name is Panda ._.

Hello wonderful hoomans! Update for my sun conure. Currently, his cage is finished, and he has everything he needs as far being a birb goes. We also got Panda something called a “mineral cake” which helps Panda file down his nails, beak, and gives him extra nutrients. I’ll insert a picture of Panda below. Leave me a comment and link to your own blog. Let me know what you think of Panda!! Ask me any questiona you have about him!

2 thoughts on “Update on the Sun Conure! His name is Panda ._.

  1. Hi Makayla –

    Is Panda sitting on your lap as you take this photo? I’m wondering if you’re in the car riding home. How DO you transport a bird? Did you buy the bird at a pet store or from a local breeder? Did you find out if Panda is male or female? Maybe I need to go back and read you earlier post, eh? I can’t believe how colorful Panda is. By the way, why the name Panda? I’m sure I’ll have a heap more questions, but, in the meantime, I need to head to work on this lovely teacher workday. Think of me huddled over papers as you get to know your avian friend. 🙂

    Mrs. Rombach 🙂

  2. Hello Mrs. Rombach-

    At the time this picture was taken, he is sitting on my shoulder, already home. The way you transport a bird in they have a special box with slits, and the worker will pick the bird up in towel, so that they don’t hurt themselves, and set them in the box. Yes, we did get him from a pet story, Pecto. We haven’t found out his gender yet, because we need DNA test, but I suspect it’s a he, because Panda’s a big boi. We wanted to name him something gender neutral, and my brother wanted to name him Po the Panda after Kung Fu Panda, and we just went with Panda, because Panda responded when I made kissy noises and said “Cmere Panda!”
    Thanks for all the questions!

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