Most parents that are too involved in their student’s school work and relationships do not even realize they are doing harm. They also do not realize how much trouble they are causing for their student’s teacher as well. I created a google sites page because I thought it would be an efficient way for a parent to navigate information on the background and main components of being overly involved in their child’s school life. I made pages that parents could read to gain more insight on the topic before reading the page on its relation to him/herself. The background information on the first page just highlights some things to know about overparenting in the school system before reading more into how it directly relates to you.

My rhetorical situation is more informal. I tried to write it so the audience could relate and engage in the information, rather than getting distracted by unimportant information. I sent my communication, a google site, to a parent, Allison Wegerdt, who I believed could benefit, although she may not know it, from the information on the site. While shifting my rhetorical situation, I found it difficult to direct my text to a new audience. My original research was focused mainly towards teachers in the education field and how they were affected by “helicopter parents.” I shifted my audience to a different perspective, which is the parent, to draw their attention to something they could be unconsciously doing. The research that I had in my original paper was helpful when creating changes in my rhetorical situation.

Everything Happens For a Reason

Although some may not agree with it, I am sure that every single person on this earth has heard the saying “Everything happens for a reason.” If I received a dollar for every single time someone said that to me throughout the course of my life, I would rich by now. Even though I have been told this so many times, I still wonder to myself if I even should believe it. I mean, why should I? I have witnessed plenty of things in my life where bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people for no reason that I can identify. How come good people have family members diagnosed with a life threatening illness? How come there are bad people that only wish malic on people but win the lottery? So, why do these things happen? I have never discovered why something happened after knowing that the specific person did not deserve it, so why do so many people drill this concept into my brain when I have never actually seen evidence that it is true?

Do other people feel this way or am I the only one that questions this saying? I find it hard to believe that so many people live by this saying just because they believe it and don’t actually see evidence that it is true. I hope one day I see this evidence and can trust that even though bad things may occur, they always happen for a reason.


I have never really struggled with time management until this year. I value time so much, and I wish I had more of it.  It is so hard for me to pick what I am going to devote my time to. With the thought of leaving for college and starting the next chapter next year, I feel like I have so much to do with such little time. How come time flies so fast when you know you have only a little left? Lately, I always have to think about my priorities and which one is worthy of me dedicating me time to.  Should I use my time to go to bed early so I am rested for my test tomorrow? Or should I use my time to study for my test so I can know the material better, even though I will be more tired? Or should I use my time to finish my common app that has been hanging over my shoulder for months? Should I use my time to go watch a movie with my mom, considering I only have one more year at home with her? Nowadays, I really think about how little time I have. I am not sure if this quarter and this year is just flying by for me, but I really feel like I am going to blink my eyes and I will be standing in the ion center getting ready to walk up and get my diploma. I really took periods that I didn’t stress about not having enough time in my life for granted.


A few months ago, I would say “Oh, my senior homecoming will never come”. I would say “College? Oh, I have so much time until I have to stress about that.” I would say “I can’t wait for my senior powderpuff game, even though it’s so far from now”. Just like that, I blinked my eyes and we are almost through the first quarter of my senior year. I have lived through my last ever homecoming spirit days and pep rally and I really thought the day would never come. I am almost about to experience my last halloween at home, which as cheesy as that sounds, I am actually getting sad about. I will never be home on Halloween again to see the little kids in my neighborhood go house to house all down my street. I will never get to go to my neighbor’s annual Halloween bonfire and get warm apple cider.  As sad and scary as it is to move onto the next chapter, I have accepted that this is the last year I will ever walk the halls at Heritage, and I’m ready for that change. I am grateful for everything I have learned in high school, and all the relationships I have built. I am so excited for everything that is still to come this year. I can confidently say that I am making the most of every second of my senior year and I plan to enjoy every moment while we still have it.

High School Artifact

This photograph immediately brings a smile to my face. The picture is of me and all of my closest friends on the night of Prom. Rather than grades and extracurricular activities, I believe the most important part of high school is the relationships your build: relationships with your classmates, relationships with your school, relationships with your counselors and teachers. Here I am, in this photograph, not taking a moment for granted. I have heard a monotonous amount of times that high school is the best four years of your entire life. Maybe it is because I haven’t lived any other part of my life, but at this point, I can absolutely agree with that. You only ever get two high school Prom nights your whole life. You only ever get four high school homecomings your whole life. Why take these moments for granted and not embrace them? High school is about experiencing new things with your friends. High school is about learning to show spirit. Most importantly, high school is about growing as a person, and discovering who you really are, and what people in your life matter the most.

Organic Object: Coconut

I am curious about the fuzzy little hairs on the outside of the coconut. Why are they there? The coconut looks like it could be the size of a baby’s head. It honestly is more similar to a baby’s head than I had imagined. It has the same fuzzy hairs as a baby has when it is first born and it is about the same shape. Does a coconut have good nutrients, nutrients that we need as humans? I am curious if it is purchased often from grocery stores. Do families go to the grocery store to buy coconuts? I can’t imagine this product being apart of my mom’s weekly grocery shopping list. If it was apart of the list and I saw it in my refrigerator, I don’t think I would be too sure of what to actually do with it. How do you eat it? You can’t peel it, you can’t bite into it, you can’t cut it up on a cutting board. The only way I can really think of getting it open is chucking it at a cement or tile floor, but that doesn’t seem very efficient.

Where did this specific coconut come from? Did it come from someplace exotic, like Fiji? Did it come from an ordinary palm tree off the side of the highway in Florida? I wonder if coconuts are valued more in tropical places where they grow, versus places with not a sight of palm trees for hundreds and hundreds of miles. Or maybe they are not valued in tropical places at all because they are so common. This fruit is so mysterious. Where I live, here in Leesburg, coconuts don’t seem to be too valued or appreciated. So are coconuts really appreciated at all? I can’t think of a good purpose for a coconut besides the sweet aroma it gives off in scented candle or being the sweet garnish on top of a store bought yogurt parfait. Maybe I am bias because I strongly dislike the taste of coconut, but why are they really on this planet? Who or what couldn’t live a day without a coconut?


Repetition in Writing

As a student in elementary and middle school, all my english teachers would put strong emphasis on not repeating words. They would make it clear that our writing needed to have “variety”, as the “Close Reading and Marking a Passage” states in the second paragraph. As I grew older, I begin seeing how prominent repetition is in writing. Roy Peter clark says that “repetition gives texture to conversation and dialogue” (159). After reading “The Death of a Moth” and other pieces, it is clear to see how much emphasis repetition gives to a story. Repeating words or phrases creates structure and reinforces what the central idea of the passage is about. I think that readers should honestly value repetition because it helps them to better understand the story as whole. Using repetition in writing allows the reader to understand what is important, and what is intended to be recognized within the passage. It also makes pattern and the impact of words more recognizable to the reader.