Most parents that are too involved in their student’s school work and relationships do not even realize they are doing harm. They also do not realize how much trouble they are causing for their student’s teacher as well. I created a google sites page because I thought it would be an efficient way for a parent to navigate information on the background and main components of being overly involved in their child’s school life. I made pages that parents could read to gain more insight on the topic before reading the page on its relation to him/herself. The background information on the first page just highlights some things to know about overparenting in the school system before reading more into how it directly relates to you.

My rhetorical situation is more informal. I tried to write it so the audience could relate and engage in the information, rather than getting distracted by unimportant information. I sent my communication, a google site, to a parent, Allison Wegerdt, who I believed could benefit, although she may not know it, from the information on the site. While shifting my rhetorical situation, I found it difficult to direct my text to a new audience. My original research was focused mainly towards teachers in the education field and how they were affected by “helicopter parents.” I shifted my audience to a different perspective, which is the parent, to draw their attention to something they could be unconsciously doing. The research that I had in my original paper was helpful when creating changes in my rhetorical situation.

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  1. Your google site was well written and well explained. I learned a lot and definitely agreed with your standpoint on having helicopter parents. They honestly do more harm than good even though that might not be their intention.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading the site and your personal thoughts on this topic! It is engaging and most likely relates to a ton of people at our school. So, this opens the doors for communication with students, parents, and teachers.

  3. I liked the design of your Google Site. I think the pictures of children and students at every corner served to gain that parental empathy. In addition, using a more direct and personal tone helped notify the audience that this isn’t just information, it’s a suggestion.

  4. That was a good idea switching the audience from teachers to parents. I think that helicopter parents mean well, but sometimes do not realize what they are doing. The Google Site was very easy to understand and follow, so I believe parents will remain engaged.

  5. Very well organized and put together site. The way you organized it really helps you get your points across. Also, the content of your project is very well said and is absolutely true that helicopter parents can impact their kids relationships and performance.

  6. I think it’s very important for parents to here about this topic because as you stated, some parents unconsciously get too overly involved in their student’s lives; this is a well organized way for the parent to get informed and hopefully realize if it applies to them.

  7. I loved your presentation of information. It was very interesting to read about, and you displayed the information in an easily understandable way. Overparenting has definitely become an issue recently due to the technological advances.

  8. I thought your google site was really well put together! I thought it was interesting how you shifted your audience from teacher to parents and I think you did a great job doing that.

  9. This google site was easy to navigate through and I enjoyed reading the information presented, it would definitely keep your audience engaged throughout the whole thing, I also agree with your viewpoint.

  10. Mia, you did a great job assembling this google site. I think it is really important that parents realize what they are actually doing when they overparent the student’s work. I hope the parent you targeted this to learned more about it!

  11. I really like how you set-up your Google Site! I agree with what Lauren said about the shift in audience above. I think it was adjusted nicely to fit your new audience and rhetorical situation.

  12. I really liked your google site! I thought that it was very informative and something that everyone should show their parents! I think it was very smart to change your audience to parents.

  13. your google site was put well put together and I truly agree with your point on this topic. I also have experience in witnessing these so called “relationships” happen. Lastly, i think it was a great idea to send your google site to a parent.

  14. I really enjoyed looking at your google site! I feel that a lot of kids these days have parents who can be very involved and overprotective over their kids lives.

  15. I think that this site is actually really interesting and relevant, because many parents who are these “helicopter parents” don’t realize they’re doing their child more harm than good, and they may not even realize they’re a helicopter parent at all.

  16. I like how you talked about parents doing more harm than good when excessively being involved with their students school work and how teachers try to expand students horizon but in reality it is the parents that are prohibiting them from doing so when being too involved.

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