I have never really struggled with time management until this year. I value time so much, and I wish I had more of it.  It is so hard for me to pick what I am going to devote my time to. With the thought of leaving for college and starting the next chapter next year, I feel like I have so much to do with such little time. How come time flies so fast when you know you have only a little left? Lately, I always have to think about my priorities and which one is worthy of me dedicating me time to.  Should I use my time to go to bed early so I am rested for my test tomorrow? Or should I use my time to study for my test so I can know the material better, even though I will be more tired? Or should I use my time to finish my common app that has been hanging over my shoulder for months? Should I use my time to go watch a movie with my mom, considering I only have one more year at home with her? Nowadays, I really think about how little time I have. I am not sure if this quarter and this year is just flying by for me, but I really feel like I am going to blink my eyes and I will be standing in the ion center getting ready to walk up and get my diploma. I really took periods that I didn’t stress about not having enough time in my life for granted.

5 thoughts on “Time

  1. I can relate with this: I also feel very constrained with time this year. Homework, combined with college applications, combined with after school activities, combined with trying to do things with friends, combined with trying to spend time with your family creates a crunch on free time. I feel, though, once we move out of this quarter, we will start to get more free time.

  2. People including me always want time to speed up. However when it does we realize how bad we want it back. Time is so precious and sensitive, so cherish it while you have it. I love how you gave examples of things to do with your time.

  3. This is so true!!! I love this post so much. As I was reading your post, I was seeing myself in it and my brain asking all these same questions! This year so far has been the hardest and it’s making us divide our time so much. Time controls everything and I always feel like I never have enough time for anything. Awesome post!

  4. I totally understand how you feel. Ever since school started I feel like I have had to balance a million things in my life and I cannot find the time to do them all. I guess it is nice to hear that all of us are going through the same thing.

  5. Mia, I can relate with you about having a struggle with time management this year. Although I have never had this problem, the workload and all the college applications are stating t get to me.

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