A few months ago, I would say “Oh, my senior homecoming will never come”. I would say “College? Oh, I have so much time until I have to stress about that.” I would say “I can’t wait for my senior powderpuff game, even though it’s so far from now”. Just like that, I blinked my eyes and we are almost through the first quarter of my senior year. I have lived through my last ever homecoming spirit days and pep rally and I really thought the day would never come. I am almost about to experience my last halloween at home, which as cheesy as that sounds, I am actually getting sad about. I will never be home on Halloween again to see the little kids in my neighborhood go house to house all down my street. I will never get to go to my neighbor’s annual Halloween bonfire and get warm apple cider.  As sad and scary as it is to move onto the next chapter, I have accepted that this is the last year I will ever walk the halls at Heritage, and I’m ready for that change. I am grateful for everything I have learned in high school, and all the relationships I have built. I am so excited for everything that is still to come this year. I can confidently say that I am making the most of every second of my senior year and I plan to enjoy every moment while we still have it.

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  1. This really hit home because I thought the same way. I’m like oh senior year is so so so far away, no need to worry about it. Then BAM senior year is here, and I’m not ready mentally or emotionally. But I don’t have a choice to be, it’s either move with time or get left behind.

  2. This is probably the most accurate and relatable blog post I have read because my high school experience really has gone by in a blink of an eye. I really still can’t believe that I am a senior and the first quarter is almost done. Just to think that in less than a couple of weeks I will be done with college applications and I will be waiting for the acceptance letters to see where I will spend the next four years of my life.

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