High School Artifact

This photograph immediately brings a smile to my face. The picture is of me and all of my closest friends on the night of Prom. Rather than grades and extracurricular activities, I believe the most important part of high school is the relationships your build: relationships with your classmates, relationships with your school, relationships with your counselors and teachers. Here I am, in this photograph, not taking a moment for granted. I have heard a monotonous amount of times that high school is the best four years of your entire life. Maybe it is because I haven’t lived any other part of my life, but at this point, I can absolutely agree with that. You only ever get two high school Prom nights your whole life. You only ever get four high school homecomings your whole life. Why take these moments for granted and not embrace them? High school is about experiencing new things with your friends. High school is about learning to show spirit. Most importantly, high school is about growing as a person, and discovering who you really are, and what people in your life matter the most.

4 thoughts on “High School Artifact

  1. That sounds like a beautiful picture, and I agree with everything you said. I think I will remember my friendship throughout highschool for my whole life. Even if we’re not all close when we’re older, I’ll look back on high school and remember my girls and all the fun times.

  2. I liked how you illustrated the importance of relationships while moving through high school. I agree, I think that these bonds that we create are things that will never be broken. I also enjoyed the idea of taking nothing for granted and embracing the memories that you have the ability to create.

    • I have heard many of my classmates talk about how much they dread coming to school everyday. Although I’m not always in the mood to sit and do schoolwork, in the end, I appreciate the environment high school provides us. I am glad that someone else appreciates this environment as well.

  3. I loved how you said how important friendship is to you because I too agree. The way you wrote about your artifact reminds me of my highschool artifact and how it brings me joy every time I find myself looking at my picture.

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