Repetition in Writing

As a student in elementary and middle school, all my english teachers would put strong emphasis on not repeating words. They would make it clear that our writing needed to have “variety”, as the “Close Reading and Marking a Passage” states in the second paragraph. As I grew older, I begin seeing how prominent repetition is in writing. Roy Peter clark says that “repetition gives texture to conversation and dialogue” (159). After reading “The Death of a Moth” and other pieces, it is clear to see how much emphasis repetition gives to a story. Repeating words or phrases creates structure and reinforces what the central idea of the passage is about. I think that readers should honestly value repetition because it helps them to better understand the story as whole. Using repetition in writing allows the reader to understand what is important, and what is intended to be recognized within the passage. It also makes pattern and the impact of words more recognizable to the reader.

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