Summer Jobs for Swimmers

With summer fast approaching, many high schoolers are looking for jobs to make some extra cash on the side. AS swimmers, we are actually at an advantage. We have experience in 1) a life-saving skill, and we do it well and 2) a very competitive sport that depends on even the slightest edge. So what kind of jobs can you get as a swimmer?

  1. Lifeguarding. Okay, this is kind of obvious. To get a lifeguard certification you do need to take a class to get certified, which requires some basic studying. But also, there is a swimming test that must be completed. And if you’re already a swimmer, you already have an advantage. Plus the pay to be a lifeguard is good. It’s much higher than most jobs you can get as a high schooler.Image result for summer job pool
  2. Swim coach. Apply to coach younger kids on a summer swim team, or even a year-round team if they allow it. Many will agree to it, especially if you swim for the team you are applying with becasue they already know you and know you understand how things run.
  3. Private lessons. Private lessons can be a great way to make a lot of money quickly. Around here, $20 for a 30-minute session is considered a good bargain assuming people know you as a good swimmer. I have a friend who made a lot of money just by offering private lessons to kids who swam on our summer team.

These are easy jobs to get that all provide decent pay for high school students, and you do not really have to put in a lot of extra time to prepare to work these kinds of jobs. Whatever you chose to do, try to find something you are happy doing becasue you do not want to spend all summer wasting time at a job you hate.

Happy swimming!

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