Swimming Along

North Shore Aquatic Complex in St. Petersburg, FL during the TYR East Elite Showcase Classic.

Welcome to “since swimming came along”. I’m Kelli, an avid swimmer in the DC Area. I’ve been swimming for seven years now and have swam summer league, high school, and year-round. I’m not going to list all my times here, even though I know you want to know so you can decide how much of a true swimmer I am but I’m going to go against the typical swimming community’s hierarchy. I will say I’ve swam in multiple national meets, but the point of this blog is to create a welcoming place for all types of swimmers, not to judge each other based on times.

This blog is here to provide advice for all swimmers that is specific to them based on my experiences. There is plenty of advice for athletes in general but I tend to find that swimming is different. It’s not like other sports where there’s practice once in a while, many have practice everyday if not twice a day. It’s so much harder to find a balance of life while being a swimmer and it’s not easy to get advice on it. Whether it be balancing school and swimming to talking with your coach or preparing for a meet. I’m here to offer you advice based on my experiences as a swimmer.


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  1. Hi! I really like the aesthetic picture in the blog as well as the blog topic. I am looking forward to hear your advice for swimmers and the struggles that you go through.

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