Jimmy Butler Trade Looking Back

Before the start of the 2017-18 nba season the bulls trades Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves for a package that included Zach Lavine, Kris Dunn, and the 7th pick Lauri Markkanen. At the time it looked life the Timberwolves committed highway robbery, Dunn hadn’t looked good and Lavine was rehabbing a torn acl. Butler was an all star and one of the best players in the league. He helped lead the Timberwolves to their first playoff berth since 2004. Butler and his teammates did not get along at all and stories were breaking of him not liking his teammates. He was recently traded to the 76ers for Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Jerryd Bayless, and a 2022 second round pick. Looking back it is safe to say that the Timberwolves won the trade short term, but the Bulls smoked them in the long run and got three good, young players.

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Butler Trade Looking Back

  1. Well, with Butler gone from the Timberwolves, the Timberwolves kind of played themselves, and I don’t think they’ll do very well the rest of the season. They will probably just barely make the playoffs.

  2. With super teams in the league today, I think it was in the Timberwolves best interest to get rid of a player that is causing problems involving team chemistry. They at least got something out of him.

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