May sneaker releases and information pt.2

The first shoe is one that is making the sneaker game go crazy. It is the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 it has an all brown and white upper with a reverse enlarged swoosh, and on the top of the shoe there is a stash pouch that opens with velcro. It will release on May 11th for $175 and could resell for upwards of $1000. I am personally going to try and get these to resell because I could make a lot of dough.

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This next shoe I am very excited about it is the Air Jordan 11 snakeskin. This is not the first Jordan snakeskin colorway we have seen, and many people are very excited to this model of the 11 brought back. The shoe is very similar to the normal Jordan 11 the only real difference is the snakeskin which makes people go crazy. I would expect this shoe to retail for around $190 in the late summer.

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This shoe is one that looks amazing, it is the kobe 4 protro carpe diem. This colorway is my favorite of the Kobe 4 protro colorways. It should retail for around $180 and I would expect to release in about a month

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The final shoe is another one that I really like, it is a Nike and Undercover collaboration. It is set to release in early June and features a very unique heel cup. It will retail for around $180 and should have a lot of resale value.

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