Early May Sneaker Releases And Announcements

The first shoe is one that will not be releasing for a long time. It is the Air Jordan 14 and Supreme collab, Jordan brand has been working with supreme for a long time and this shoe is similar to some shoes in the past. The biggest difference between these and past releases is the fact that people really do not like these, This shoe should release over the summer for around $200.

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This shoe is one that I am personally very excited about. It is the Nike Freak 1. Nike has recently signed the most popular basketball player today named giannis antetokounmpo. The shoe resembles older kobes which I like. I hope this shoe releases soon and should be around $140.

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This shoe has been surfacing the internet for a long time it is the Ultraboost 1.0 which is very odd since Adidas is on the 5.0. This shoe is also a collab with undefeated, Undefeated is one of the most well known brands that works on shoes with these major companies. And they are known simply by their logo which is the 5 tick marks. This shoe should retail for around $220 and I would expect it to release early in the summer.

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