March sneaker releases

The first shoe is the Yeezy 700 inertia yeezys aren’t as popular as they used to be, however this shoe will still sell out very swiftly. It retails at $300 and resale prices should hover around $340. The shoe release on March 9th.

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Nike and Sacai are teaming up to make 4 shoes, the release date was on the 7th however that has been delayed to a later date. The 4 shoes concisest of 2 LDVĀ  waffles and 2 blazers. my personal favorite is the green LDV waffle. The waffles will retail at $155 and the blazers don’t have a price yet. All of these shoes should have a resale value of over $275.

sacai's Reworked Nike Blazer And LDV Waffle Are Coming This Spring

Nike is also making a new colorway in one of my favorite models the foamposite. It is in a Memphis tigers colorway since Penny Hardaway went to that college. It will retail at $230 on march 9th. Resale price could be anywhere from $250- $400.

The Kyrie 5 is releasing in the most iconic colorway Kyrie has produced yet. The duke colorway Kyrie went to Duke and has made a colorway for each shoe. This shoe has the logo on the tounge as well as the heel. It retails at $130 on the 14th. If this shoe sells out I believe resale could be close to $180.

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The final shoe is the Jordan apex utility this shoe has been surfacing around the internet for quite awhile but now has a set release date of the 14th for $200. The resale value should be close to $250 for the first colorway but after that it will go back to retail value. The shoe also has a Jordan one upper under this new apex utility upper which is a very nice touch.

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