April Sneaker Releases Pt.1

The First shoe is one that I really like, it is the Adidas, neighborhood and Bape collab on the POD s3.1. This shoe features the famous bape camo and is split in half with black and gray. It also features the famous bape mouth. This shoe should release in April or May and will be around $180

Next is the Nike on air collection there are 6 pairs of shoes in this collection. It has 3 Air Max 97s, 1 Air Max 1, 1 Air Max 98, and 1 Vapormax plus. The prices range from $180-$235 they will release on April 13th.

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Next is a very special shoe it is the Nike adapt BB and this is the second colorway that will drop, it is grey and multi color. The on special thing about this shoe is that it self laces. It retails at $350 and will release on April 19th.

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The final shoe is one that I really like. It is the Nike and CPFM collab on the Vapormax. It features a very interesting feature the Nike swoosh physically comes out like a wire and I really like it. The shoe with exclusively release at Dover street market on May 14th for around $200

Future sneaker releases

Usually I cover sneaker releases that are happening in a couple of weeks, however this blog is about sneaker releases that are not set to release for a long time.

First is the Air Jordan 1 low SB. Jordan and Nike SB have been making alot of shoes lately and this may just be the best one. It features a very unique jumpman on the toe box which we have never seen before. It seems to have very high quality materials from the only picture that has surfaced. You can expect this shoe to release in the summer for around $130

Next is the Nike air money and 21 savage collab. 21 savage has been getting alot of hate lately but this shoe still looks amazing. Nike has just recently brought the air money out of the vault for some retros. the back features a jason voorhees mask and a sword is on the tongue. I expect these shoes to release sooner than later and they should be around $180

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These shoes are some of the worst I have ever seen. It is a Adidas and Pokemon collab. Personally I do not think Pokemon should ever be put on shoes. I also think the whole silhouette is done terribly. These shoes should release in a month or two for around $110.

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Finally this is a shoe that just recently released. It is the balenciaga Triple s which features a new air bubble on the mid sole. Many people hate on the dad shoe which has made a comeback recently, but personally I do not think these shoes are that bad. They are an outrageous price of $995 and have already released.

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My Personal Shoe Collection

I have many shoes from my ¨addiction¨. The way I make my money for shoes is by going to Plato’s closet and buying and selling shoes. And I will list some of my personal favorites below.

Nike zoom fly mercurial and Off-White collab

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Lebron 11 What The

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Adidas Human Race from the inspiration pack in all white.

Image result for HU race inspiration pack white

Air Jordan 11 low re2pect ¨ Derek Jeter¨

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Air Force 2 low supreme collab teal colorway

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Nike+ exclusive K/RC epic react

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Nike Blazer mid English rose lance mountain collab

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These are my personal favorite shoes in my collection.

March Sneaker Releases Part 2

The first shoe is by Adidas and Kanye. It is the Yeezy 350 v2 in the new TRFRM colorway, Yeezys have been very unpopular but this shoe may be different. This shoe will release exclusively in Europe on March 16th for $220.

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The next shoe is by Nike, this shoe does not have a release date. It is the Nike KD 12. This KD is very different from previous shoes in the KD line. It also has an off-white type text on the inside of the shoe. It is expected to release for $150

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The next shoe is actually a pack, I have covered it before but it now has a set release date. The game of thrones pack will be releasing in 6 different colorways. my personal favorite is the black and red. They release on March 22nd for $180 each.

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The next shoe is an Air Jordan 1. This shoe is probably my personal favorite from this blog. The official colorway name is Yellow toe. It consists of a yellow, black, and white upper. It will be releasing during the summer for $160

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The final shoe is a shoe that looks amazing, but personally I could not wear. It is the Nike Velcro-Fastened Outburst with Comme des Garcons. It features 3 straps and a chain with his name on it over the toe box. This shoe is expected to release during the Spring/Summer season and I believe the price will be about $175.

March sneaker releases

The first shoe is the Yeezy 700 inertia yeezys aren’t as popular as they used to be, however this shoe will still sell out very swiftly. It retails at $300 and resale prices should hover around $340. The shoe release on March 9th.

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Nike and Sacai are teaming up to make 4 shoes, the release date was on the 7th however that has been delayed to a later date. The 4 shoes concisest of 2 LDV  waffles and 2 blazers. my personal favorite is the green LDV waffle. The waffles will retail at $155 and the blazers don’t have a price yet. All of these shoes should have a resale value of over $275.

sacai's Reworked Nike Blazer And LDV Waffle Are Coming This Spring

Nike is also making a new colorway in one of my favorite models the foamposite. It is in a Memphis tigers colorway since Penny Hardaway went to that college. It will retail at $230 on march 9th. Resale price could be anywhere from $250- $400.

The Kyrie 5 is releasing in the most iconic colorway Kyrie has produced yet. The duke colorway Kyrie went to Duke and has made a colorway for each shoe. This shoe has the logo on the tounge as well as the heel. It retails at $130 on the 14th. If this shoe sells out I believe resale could be close to $180.

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The final shoe is the Jordan apex utility this shoe has been surfacing around the internet for quite awhile but now has a set release date of the 14th for $200. The resale value should be close to $250 for the first colorway but after that it will go back to retail value. The shoe also has a Jordan one upper under this new apex utility upper which is a very nice touch.