My top 5 shoes

  1. Pg2 playstation, these shoes released on february 10th 2018. They were a huge hit and the resale market skyrocketed for them and are worth around $600

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2. Dame 4 bape, this shoe released on february 16th 2018. This is a shoe by adidas and a bape and released in 3 colors a green camo, a black camo, and a very limited red camo

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3. Nike off-white hyperdunk, this shoe released on november 21st 2017. This is collaboration shoe between nike and off-white there were 9 other shoes to release in this pack called the ten, however these were my favorite.

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4. SNS and Social Status collab with adidas. This is the most popular shoe model by adidas called the ultraboost. This shoe retailed at $200 and released on february 8th 2017

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5. Nike SB diamond dunk. This shoe is very unique and released with two other colorways, it is a collab with the brand diamond. This shoe is incredibly limited to about 100 pairs and the release was cancelled and only about ten have been sold. this shoe has a resale of about $2500 and retailed at $100

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