Emotional Intelligence In The Workplace


Originally, the audience I had targeted was businesses, specifically managers or the head of human resources. I decided to direct my new audience to new employees by changing the genre from an essay to a Google Site. I shared my Google Site with an teacher: Mrs. Friedman. I chose Mrs. Friedman because teachers are employees of the school, and I believe that they are the perfect people to be taught more about the benefits of Emotional Intelligence.

I chose to change the genre from a research paper to a Google Site because it provides the user with more than just words. Google Sites are a great way to convey information with great visuals and interactive features that keep it’s viewers interested. Overall I chose to genre of a Google Site because it would be more appealing to the new employees reading it.

When I made the Google Site, I used my research paper to refer back to, to keep it all factual. But, when making it, I picked out important snippets from my research to have on my google site to easily allow the reader to learn the most important facts about emotional intelligence. When copying that information, I tried to do a better job summarizing it to keep it clear. Initially I had written my research essay to spread awareness about the positive impact emotional intelligence has, but in my Google Site, my main point was to inform the new employees of this imaginary company as almost a type of training for the employees.

My Very Last Football Game Pt.2

At first I’m in extreme pain but as I try to get up, my legs somewhat give out on me, the trainers then come out onto the field to see what happened. After explaining what happened, I tell them that the pain is mostly gone now and that I think I’m good to walk off the field. I get up, but it wasn’t until the first step with my right leg that I knew something didn’t feel right. Something was wrong with my knee. 


I get off the field and instantly the athletic trainers start doing numerous tests on my knees. Do I have any clue what’s going through their heads? No. All I know is that they are moving my knees around a lot. My parents come rushing down to the fence, urging to get the details on what happened. After several minutes, The trainer informs me that he believes I have torn a ligament in my knee, due to the reactions he saw in the tests in which he did with my knee. He didn’t tell me which ligament to be exact but he does say that i’m not going to be able to go back in for the rest of the game. That was the hardest news to hear. I wasn’t ready to be done, I was just getting into my groove and of course on the seventh play of the game this has to happen. After re-evaluating it at the end of the game the trainer informed me that he believes that I tore my ACL, but only the MRI will reveal the true details.

My Very last Football Game Pt.1

I’ll never forget senior night for the rest of my life. After finding out that I was going to be taking a bigger role in our offense ahead of our game against Broad Run, I was stoked. I was glad to see my coach giving the seniors more responsibility since we had definitely earned it. Here are the starting lineups for tonight’s game, “wearing number 16, MASON WALSH.” nothing compared to the feeling of opportunity in the air for all the seniors who had never really been given a chance. Was I nervous? Absolutely. But I was definitely ready for my moment.


We win the coin toss, Heritage elects to receive. My mind is racing. I think I know all of the plays, but will I mess up and forget the one we call? The nerves hit me, but the play is a run so I just have to block. Now we call a pass play. I see that the person guarding me is lined up far from me, so I mentally prepare myself to get the ball. Sure enough the ball comes my way. I catch it, but the guy guarding me reacted quickly and tackles me right away. The nerves are now gone. “That wasn’t too bad” I say to myself. Fast forward five plays later, another pass play is called and I’m almost positive the ball will go to me once again. Sure enough, it does, but almost instantly after I caught the ball, I get hit hard and feel a painful pop in my right knee…


Stay tuned for the rest of the story

Thoughts about College

While I’ve been thinking about College since eighth grade when my brothers started applying, it wasn’t until I first stepped on JMU’s campus when It all hit me. I couldn’t wait to go to College and yet here I am, fall of senior year with three more quarters to go. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by since it seemed like only yesterday I was attending College visits with my family for my brother. When I was in eighth grade I went on my first College visit, but not for me, it was for my brother. We went to James Madison University and my brother loved it, but I think I might’ve wanted him to go there more than he did. After hearing about all the fun things that go on in College, I instantly felt a level of senioritis regardless of the fact that I still had a long way to go. 


Now here I am, having finished up almost all of my applications, wondering, “what will my future hold?” only time will tell. First things first, I have to get good grades and finish out strong, but will what I bring to the table be enough to the ones reviewing my applications, potentially as you’re reading this? While it seems like finishing out strong is the most important thing in high school, ll of this pressure has been felt since the beginning of junior year. Everyone always says, junior year is by far the most important, but that’s only because that is the most recent full year they can evaluate. At the end of the day it comes down to how much have I put myself out there to really show why I’m the perfect candidate, but only time will tell.

Your College Essay Isn’t a Selfie- Reflection

Writing about yourself from a judgemental point of view can be weird. For many, it can be rather easy to grab your computer and type about yourself in a braggadocious kind of way. Even before I typed my college essay, the first thing my parents said was, ¨brag about yourself, this is your moment to show them how great you really are.¨. At the time I thought that made sense. In reality, all you are really doing is matching up with everyone else’s standards of perfection. It makes you look like that small fish in a big pond since so many people do it. They say the personal statement can be what differentiates you from your competition, but what if the best personal statement wasn’t the one which contained all the accolades and achievements. What if it was the one which talked about a person’s life being turned around by a tragedy and how they overcame it and used it to become the person that they are today. Bragging about yourself in your college essay has become the norm for high schoolers in this generation. It’s supposed to help make up for a maybe lacking GPA, or maybe even help give you that edge over someone with the same GPA. Instead, you look like everyone else and somewhat un original, since believe it or not, your competition was also in NHS. Talk about the bad moments and how they have molded you, or that time that you failed, but came back better than ever because of it.

High School Artifact

A football, so simple, yet so dense with memories from the past four years. At a young age, it’s rare that you could say that one thing had such a big effect on your life, yet for me, Football was everything. Not only did it keep me in shape, but it gave me another family to go to after school. Everyday after school, on the weekends, in the summer, it was football season. Football has consumed a majority of my life, but during these past four years, I´ve learned so many life lessons that I will take into my future professions. So much preparation, yet nobody knows it. The sprints, up-downs, and high expectations hanging over your head like a rain cloud. All that practice after school, long 2 a days at the end of summer, the hard work, sweat, and tears I have put in, is all worth it on friday night. There is nothing that compares to being out on the field with the bleachers packed, hearing the fans cheering you on. You feel like the whole crowd has your back and you are on top of the world. You hear the whistle blow, then see the football flying through the air like a kite, it’s football season. No other sport has the impact that a football team has on their high school. A schools whole reputation can come from their football teams record, and every day, every throw, every catch, all for that one moment on friday night.

Organic Object- Grape

My grape is so wrinkly it has almost turned into a raisin. Smells okay, but still wouldn’t eat it. My grape is red on the top, green in the middle and purple on the bottom. To me, this signifies races coming together as one in the world in which we live. Am I over analyzing my grape? Maybe, but isn’t that what it’s all about? Like Dillard says in ¨Death of a moth¨: start with your five senses. Smell okay, looks rough, feels a little weak. Taste? I’d prefer not to, and it doesn’t make noise. Just with that I can already get into much further detail with my topic. My grape may get squished the next time I go to pick it up since it’s so weak. My grapes future is not promising due to the lack of care I have given him. My grape has persevered throughout the past seven days and I don’t think he will survive much longer While my grape is wrinkly, it also now has a tear in its old skin. It looks like a bug ate some of it, or maybe a doctor did a procedure on it without sewing it back up. My grape is a small grape. One that can´t fill you up when you’re hungry. I look at my grape compared to other grapes and he looks like the old small grandpa of the bunch. My grape looks like it’s time has almost come and I dont think Ill be eating this one.

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