Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I present to you a listicle! I hope you enjoy my answers to these random questions!!!


  • If each person had a warning label, what would yours say?

     If each person had a warning label, I’m almost positive mine would be “WARNING: Will Not Stop Talking.” I’m just kidding, but not really. Probably not when I first met you, but after a little, I could talk and talk to you all day. I just love having conversations with people. You can find out so many interesting things about people when you talk to them. My absolute favorite type of talking is any time after midnight. Late night talks just hit so differently. If anybody ever needs someone to talk to, I’m here.


  • What’s the best way you’ve found to calm yourself when you get stressed?

As a teenager living in this day and age, especially during a global pandemic, I find myself feeling stressed or overwhelmed a little too much. At least more than I’d care to admit anyway. When I’m feeling stressed, my favorite way to calm myself is by watching movies. Watching movies is a unique experience every time. It’s so cool to truly just forget your worries for an hour or two, and to get lost in a good film. Either that, or listening to The Weeknd. You could never go wrong with listening to The Weeknd.


  • Is time currently passing quickly or slowly for you?

     Well, currently I’m quarantined in my house because there’s a global pandemic. It’s been over two months that I have been contained inside of my house, haven’t been to school, and haven’t seen my friends. It could definitely be a lot worse though, which is why I’m eternally grateful that my family is safe and healthy. I would say currently, it depends on the day. Some days I feel like I blink and the day is over, while others I feel have been dragging on forever.


  • What do you think people pretend to like when they really don’t?

     One thing that I genuinely think people pretend to like is pineapple pizza. I don’t know, maybe I’m the odd one here and everyone actually does like it, but personally, I just don’t understand the appeal. Come on guys, are we just pretending? I’m asking for a friend.


  • Without saying the category, what are your top four?

     Damien Chazelle

     Bong Joon-ho

     Greta Gerwig     

     Christopher Nolan


  • What do you secretly hoard?

     I secretly hoard notes, letters, and tickets. I have this little box and whenever someone writes me a note or a letter, or I get a ticket for a football game, movie or concert, it always goes in the box. I’m not really sure why or when I started doing this, but I’ve been doing it for a while. I feel like the only reason behind this that would make sense is that I want to cherish the memories attached to them. Yeah, that’s it. That’s all I’ve got.


  • If you were going to start your own business/company, what would it be?

     This is a difficult question because I mean… What isn’t there these days? If I was going to start my own business, it’d probably be some type of movie rental service. I feel like that would be pretty cool and useful. Either that or a fast-food pasta type service. I recently read a GQ interview featuring Robert Pattinson, where he described his genius idea to create some type of fast-food pasta. Honestly, as a major pasta-enthusiast, I think that’s brilliant. Robert, if you need a collaborator, email me. I think your idea is innovative.


  • Where is the strangest place you have fallen asleep?

     The strangest place that I have fallen asleep is on airport seats. This isn’t that strange because I feel like others could probably relate, but it’s still pretty odd. Although I don’t do it as often anymore, (probably because I slurp down iced coffees while waiting for my flight), I always used to lay a jacket down and just nap when I was younger. 


  • What have you been thinking about lately that has kept you up at night?

     Lately, I’ve been staying up until the late hours of the night just thinking. My mind just dashes from thought to thought. The thought that has been keeping me up most is my future. I’m beyond excited for high school and even college, but I can’t lie, I’m very nervous too. I feel like that’s been on my mind the most. Also, that one scene in Inception where they’re in the hallway. I often think about that too.  Very often, actually.


     As always, thank you so much for reading my post! Comment down below the answer to any of these questions! Please stay safe and healthy!!



Let’s Reflect On Blogging – SBC Week 8

     I’m completely convinced that blogging has opened my eyes to the world of possibilities out there. In my short time of being a “blogger,” I have learned just how important it is to write with high quality, use your time wisely, and spread your work out. It brings me great pleasure to say that in the span of eight weeks, I (barely) managed to write and publish eight posts, all varying in topic. I’m also proud to say that I have accumulated 29 comments from around the world! I never would have guessed I would build such a small, close blogging community. 

     My absolute favorite post I have written has got to be week four, free choice! I decided to share a nine movie-long list of my favorites. I favor this one of all the others because week four gave me a chance to take full control and express my creativity in my own way. I believe that because I chose my topic, my work came out better than it would have if someone told me what to write and restricted my creativity. I’m a huge movie fanatic and I can’t wait for my next movie post!

     Throughout my blog, I generally tried to keep a theme going… Collages! (Almost) Every week, I made a collage to go along with my post through the website, BeFunky Collage Maker. I compiled aesthetically pleasing pictures from my pinterest boards that I felt fit the week’s topic and constructed collages that were 3×3. Before blogging, I was not familiar with this technique of expression. I can’t wait to continue making collages, even outside of blogging. 

     Thankfully, the Student Blogging Challenge is coming to an end! Don’t get me wrong, I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in such a fun challenge and joining such a close community, however, I personally like to take the lead and don’t like being told what to write about. I prefer being independent and it is my hope that my blog becomes a little more versatile. In the future, I hope to write more movie/book reviews, continue making playlists, and share adventures/experiences. 

     In conclusion, I am so thankful for the opportunity to blog and to take part in the Student Blogging Challenge. I cannot wait to continue writing blog posts and to continue growing my blog. Thank you so much for tuning in this week! Come back soon!

Holiday Traditions – SBC Week 7

       Hey, everybody! 

     Welcome back to my blog! I’m so happy to have you back! This week, we’re breaking down my favorite holiday traditions. No matter what you celebrate during this time of year, I am a firm believer that the holidays are a time to give peace, spread joy, and appreciate the little things. The holidays are my favorite time of year for so many reasons, one being the overall vibe. I absolutely crave that feeling of good spirit and happiness that tags along with the holidays. I also love the holidays because of the time I get to spend with my family. Whether we’re hosting or not, getting together with my relatives is always a fun time. Being the “Cool Cousin” isn’t easy, but someone’s gotta do it. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. (I’m kidding, but not really). 

     In other news, I really enjoyed making Week Five’s music playlist, so I’ve decided to share my favorite holiday playlist. Shameless self-promo, but if you haven’t checked out that blog post, get on it right now!! Okay, that’s all, I’ll give you what you’re here for; Here are my favorite holiday traditions!


  • Decorating the tree – Decorating for the holidays is probably the only form of housework I enjoy doing. One tradition that I think is unique to my family is our tree! Over twenty years ago, my grandma took a trip to Denver, Colorado where my dad’s family is from, and she brought back lemon tree seeds?? Anyway, she came home from her trip, planted the tree (in a huge pot?), and twenty years later,  we still have a seven foot tall lemon tree. In the wintertime, we bring the tree inside and for as long as I can remember, we have been decorating that tree. The lemon tree represents unity and growth for my family, and goes to show that if you sneak lemon tree seeds home from your trip to Denver, it may just become an iconic family symbol. 


  • Making Christmas Cookies – One of the more tastier traditions my family partakes in is baking holiday cookies! My mom absolutely loves to force all of us to get in the kitchen and bake with her. My personal favorite treat is decorating gingerbread houses. I hate to flex, but my gingerbread house is always ~superior~ compared to my brothers’. Overall, the holidays call for lots of eating, lots of baking, and a fun time!


  • Watching the Polar Express – “Polar Express Day” has been one of our family traditions for years. Every year, on Christmas Eve, my brothers and I celebrate Polar Express Day! On Polar Express Day, we watch the movie, drink hot chocolate, and feast. When we were younger, we would even construct our own trains, and make “train tickets.” The Polar Express has been a movie that will live on in my family’s hearts forever. To us, it’s a symbol of keeping our inner child alive and truly celebrating the magic of the holidays. I encourage every single one of you to drop what you’re doing and watch The Polar Express, if not for me, then for the hot chocolate scene. (You’d be lying if you said the hot chocolate scene doesn’t give you a rush of adrenaline).


  • iHop – A tradition that was started more recently is iHop, late on Christmas Eve. Every year, my brothers and I go to iHop late at night on Christmas Eve. We sit, joke around, eat our hearts out, and overall just have a great time together. Although this tradition was started in more recent years, I totally see my brothers and I doing this for many more years.


  • Neighborly Love – My favorite tradition of all is spending Christmas Eve with my neighbor, Brianna. Brianna and I have been next door neighbors for years, and one tradition we have is spending Christmas Eve wearing matching pajamas, baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, and most importantly, having a huge Mario Kart competition. Brianna and I only have older brothers, and so I feel as if spending Christmas together makes us feel more like sisters. Not only are our families very close, but we have grown up together. I love you Brianna! I can’t wait to crush you in this year’s Mario Kart competition!


Well folks, now you know of some of my holiday traditions. The whole month of December is full of such fun times and good spirits! Thanks for tuning in! Remember to check out my holiday playlist! Come back soon! To check out my holiday playlist, click here! ->


Throwin’ It Back – SBC Week Five, Music

     Hey Everybody! 

     Welcome back to my blog! We’re so happy to have you back! This week, our topic is one that is very near and dear to my heart. Can we get a drumroll please… (pun intended) MUSIC! I love music and have loved music for as long as I can remember. I am a firm believer that music has helped not only me, but others around me, through so much in life. Stressed? Listen to some music! Happy? Listen to some music! Sad? Listen to some music! I truly mean it when I say that music has had such a positive impact on my life. For this week’s segment, I decided to compile a solid 54 songs that remind me of my childhood and share them with you all. I know, 54 is a BIG number, and there’s no way I would ever put you through the pain of reading my analyzation of 54 songs, so I’m going to limit my post to 5 of the most memorable songs from my childhood. However, to listen to the rest of these bops, click here! ->


     Mirrors – Justin Timberlake, The 20/20 Experience – Saying that my love for Justin Timberlake is tremendous would be an extreme understatement. Every single one of his songs has me feeling some type of way, however, Mirrors is something I wish there were words beautiful enough to describe. My earliest memory of this song is jamming out to it on the airplane, on the way to Canada for a family vacation, back in 2013. I remember playing this song over and over again on that trip, and listening to this song always takes me back and reminds me of simpler times. If I could encourage you to listen to one song on this playlist, it would be this one. Just kidding haha, please listen to all of them, I can promise you somewhat of a good time. 


     Riptide – Vance Joy, Dream Your Life Away –  This song will always have special meaning to me for a variety of reasons. I have so many memories attached to this song, but the most meaningful one of all is my connection to it. I remember I got a ukulele for my birthday one year, and the very first song I learned to play on it was Riptide. Whenever I listen to this song, all I can think about is the joy and excitement of mastering my first song. I will forever remember that feeling of euphoria and that sense of pride. I’d also like to use this post as an opportunity to apologize to my family for having to listen to me play Riptide repeatedly. Their poor ears have gone through the unbearable, and I feel like that requires recognition in one way or another. 


     Time Of Our LIfe – Big Time Rush, Elevate – I literally am unable to put my immense love for Big Time Rush into words. At a young age, my ears were blessed and I completely fell in love with this band and this group of guys and ugh, I just love Big Time Rush SO much! I have no self control and frankly, if I could, I would have every single song on this playlist be a BTR song. I distinctly remember waking up on Christmas morning in 2012, and opening up Big Time Rush’s newest album, Elevate. I would spend hours upon hours in my room, dancing to it while it played on my CD player. Now, I’m no time traveler, but I know for certain that I will be a Big Time Rush fan for the rest of my life. And if Kendall, Logan, James, or Carlos are reading this, I hope they know that I’m still waiting for them to get back together. Just kidding that would be weird… Unless?


     Get’cha Head In The Game – Troy, High School Musical – So, I added a High School Musical song… Are we surprised? No. Are we pleased? Most definitely. I can assure you that one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make is choosing which HSM song to put on this top five list. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve done what many consider the impossible; I chose ONE song. Naturally, I chose Get’cha Head In The Game for a variety of reasons, one being the feeling of motivation that snatches a spot in my head as I listen. I often listen to this song when I’m feeling unmotivated to complete my assignments, kind of like this one. I’m totally kidding, Mrs. Sheridan, if you’re reading this (which I know you are), I hope you know I love your class and I’m having the time of my life writing this right now. In conclusion and all jokes aside, this song gets me pumped up to do just about anything. If you’re feeling unmotivated and are procrastinating on whatever it may be that you don’t want to do, I can only urge you to listen to Get’cha Head In The Game. I ~dare~ you to tell me it doesn’t help. 


     One Last Time – Ariana Grande, My Everything – Would this list be complete without Ariana Grande? Didn’t think so. Not only was this song a whole BOP growing up, (still is, not going to lie), but this song always makes me thing about elementary school. On my very last day of elementary school in fifth grade, I remember someone playing this song while we were riding the bus to school for the last time. Everytime I listen to One Last Time, I automatically remember the range of emotions I was feeling that one day. Including this song on my top five was very important to me, because this whole playlist reminisces my childhood, and my final day of elementary school was almost the moment I kind of grew up and closed out that very important phase of my childhood. Take me back:’( 


     Well, there you have it! I encourage you to listen to my playlist, because I promise you that you will know a whole different side of me by the end of it. I feel so blessed to say that my childhood was full of special moments and memories. I also feel blessed to say that I grew up listening to bops like One Less Lonely Girl and Classic. After listening, I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Thank you all so much for reading this week’s post! Creating this playlist and writing this post allowed me to go back and really soak up my childhood. Make sure to stay tuned for my next post!


My Top Nine Movies – SBC Week Four

Hi everyone!

     Welcome back to my blog! We’re very happy to have you back! I hope you all had a very happy Halloween! Unfortunately, like all good things, spooky season must come to an end :/. In other news, on this week’s segment, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and compile my top nine favorite movies. You’re probably wondering, why nine? Well this is my way of showing you that I’m cool and ~quirky.~ No, I’m just kidding haha, truth be told, I just couldn’t come up with a tenth movie. Now, I can’t guarantee that you will enjoy all of these movies, but what I ~can~ guarantee is that I love each one of these movies with my whole heart. I’m completely convinced that each of these movies has contributed it’s part in shaping me into who I am. I’m not even going to try and write a sappy explanation of why I am who I am because of these movies, because literally nobody wants to hear that, so without further ado, let’s begin. 

La La Land – Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, (two actual G.O.A.T.’s), La La Land is a glorious tale following Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian’s, a pianist, love story. This movie is my favorite for a mile-long list of reasons, one in particular being the music. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time jamming out to the soundtrack. While I truly believe that every song in this movie is a whole bop, my favorite has got to be “City of Stars.” This movie is an astounding inspiration to dreamers all around the world.  I encourage everybody to drop their weekend plans and watch this movie. I promise you will not regret it. And if you do regret it, then I’m sorry. 

Crazy Stupid Love – I’m back at it again with yet another Ryan Gosling movie – He’s just ~that~ good, I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules. Crazy Stupid Love stars the legend, Steve Carell, as Cal Weaver, a “fortysomething” husband who is convinced that his marriage is perfect until he finds out that Emily, his wife, portrayed by Julianne Moore, has been unfaithful and is filing for divorce. A now single Cal is out searching for his true soulmate, with the help of his wingman, Jacob Palmer, played by Ryan Gosling by his side. The pair encounter many bumps along the road that are sure to get some laughs out of you. Crazy Stupid Love is a prime “dramady” and is just such a fun movie to watch. I could not encourage you to watch Crazy Stupid Love more. And if you do end up watching it, come back to this post; I’ll be awaiting some thank yous. I’m totally kidding, but not.

First Man – Can you tell I really love Ryan Gosling? I’m literally so sorry, I promise this is the last movie with him in it on this list, but First Man had to make an appearance. This movie masterfully exhibits the not only encouraging, but interesting story of reaching the moon. Gosling’s performance is both moving and inspirational to just about everyone. I vividly remember walking out of the theater with this feeling of empowerment and this craving of adventure. I can promise you that watching this movie will implement a whole new level of appreciation for those in the STEM field. Everything about the way this movie was executed is astonishing and it shows time and time again that no dream is ever too big. 

Kingsman: The Secret Service – If I had to describe this movie in one word, that one word would be wow. This movie left me wowed to the very max. My explanation skills are subpar and a movie this good is not worthy of such a bad explanation, but in a nutshell, Kingsman: The Secret Service is about Eggsy Unwin, a troubled teen living in South London, who’s life is turned upside down when an agent, portrayed by Colin Firth, from a spy organization that his late father secretly worked for, recruits him for training. In the movie, our antagonist, Valentine, played by the king himself, Samuel L. Jackson, plans a worldwide killing spree. It’s taking a lot out of me to not tell you what happens, but what I can tell you is that this movie is such an adventure to watch. What I love most about this movie is that it takes a traditional spy movie and adds a whole new meaning to it. Matthew Vaughn really outdone himself on this masterpiece of a film. I will shamelessly admit that I had major heart eyes for Taron Egerton and his beautiful accent after watching Kingsman. Also, this movie sprung a love of pugs within me. If you’re confused as to what that means, I can only urge you to watch the movie and find out. In conclusion, you’re missing out if you haven’t watched Kingsman: The Secret Service. I won’t believe you if you say that you watched this movie and didn’t completely fall in love with Eggsy Unwin. (P.S. keep in mind that this movie is rated R and for good reasons too, so yeah haha).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – I’m like 99% sure I’ve mentioned this before in one  of my previous posts (this is a shameless self promo, please go read my past posts, it’ll be a good time), but I’m literally in love with all things Marvel, particularly Captain America. Even though I’ve loved every single Captain America movie with my entire heart, Winter Soldier stands out to me simply because it’s superior. In The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers teams up with Black Widow, portrayed by Scarlett Johansson, and the Falcon, played by the sweetheart that is Anthony Mackie, to defeat an extremely unexpected enemy. This movie had a perfect balance between the right amount of action and the right amount of screentime for my personal favorite, Chris Evans. Seriously, I can guarantee that by the end of the movie, Steve Rogers will have you swept off your feet. Nothing but respect for my main man, Chris. Anyways, please consider watching this movie, Steve Rogers is just too perfect not to be watched.

Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS AHEAD: CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK – I truly believe that there are not words beautiful enough to describe the outstanding masterpiece that is Endgame. This movie was the end of an ERA. How do I even put Avengers: Endgame into words? Endgame was set in a post Infinity-War world where half of the population was “dusted” after our antagonist, Thanos, snapped with the infinity gauntlet. The Avengers teamed up to help restore all of the innocents lost, as well as defeating Thanos for good. This movie was just so powerful and I 110% believe that it lived up to the hype and anticipation it received. There were multiple scenes I found myself crying in. I watched Endgame on the night it premiered with my brothers, Elias and Rashad, as well as with Elias’ roommate, Ramin, who is basically my brother, as well. Shoutout to them! Watching the movie on the night of the premiere was an experience I am convinced I will remember for the rest of my life. I was surrounded with die-hard fans like myself, and it felt like we were a family. We laughed, we cried, we clapped, and we most importantly witnessed the beauty that is Endgame together. This movie was so epic and it was entirely, completely worth not using the bathroom for three hours. I can promise you that not only will your mouth be hanging open, but you will also be on the edge of your seat the entire time. 

Titanic– Dude, this movie is SUCH a classic. Arguably, even the classic of the classics. Most of you probably already have some idea of what this movie is about, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to explain it anyway. This epic romance film stars legend, Leonardo DiCaprio, as Jack Dawson, and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater. Titanic focuses on Jack and Rose’s romance story and their love for one another. This movie proves time and time again that love lives on and that it triumphs all. The movie itself is astonishing, but in this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio was even more astonishing. I’d like to thank director, John Cameron, for blessing us with Leonardo. I cannot even begin to explain my love for him. You would be lying if you said that Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t perfection in this film. To say the absolute least, Titanic will completely captivate you and have you in tears by the end. Jack and Rose will have your whole heart nearing the end. Speaking from previous experiences, I recommend having a box of tissues nearby, when watching. I can assure you, you’ll need ‘em. I can also assure you will love this movie. In fact, I loved this movie so much, I named my fish Jack and Rose, back when I was younger. In conclusion, if you don’t want to watch Titanic for me, please, at least consider watching it for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Legally Blonde – I will admit, this movie is just a tad bit cheesy, but it is also so inspirational and motivational. Legally Blonde stars a modern day icon herself, Reese Witherspoon, as Elle Woods, a wealthy, bubbly, “dumb blonde.” – or so you think. Elle wants nothing more than marrying her one true love, Warner Huntington III, portrayed by Matthew Davis, however, when Warner spontaneously breaks up with her due to her “dumb blondeness” before he leaves for Harvard, Elle becomes inspired to not only defy his idea of her, but also win him back, by doing what seems like the impossible; Getting accepted into Harvard University. After watching Legally Blonde, I felt like I could take on the world. Elle’s story goes to show that you can do whatever you put your mind to and that boys are not the only thing that matters in this world. Elle proves that girls can be smart and that it’s completely possible to do the impossible. Watching this movie will surely motivate you to become the best version of yourself, and it is for that reason, I could not encourage you to watch this movie more.

High School Musical 2 – We’re closing out the list with the most important of these movies *obviously.* The High School Musical movies all have a special place in my heart, however, High School Musical 2 is something else. Starring our king, Zac Efron, as East High’s king, Troy Bolton, HSM 2 tells the story of the East High kids’ epic summer. The gang soon realizes that they need summer jobs. Not realizing Sharpay’s true motives, they all get jobs at Sharpay’s family resort. This movie is by far my favorite of the High School Musical trilogy, simply due to it’s fantastic drama and it’s incredible soundtrack. Kenny Ortega really blessed us with total bops like “Bet On It” and “Gotta Go My Own Way” – which by the way, that scene totally broke me. It has become a tradition to watch this movie on the last day of school every year. I can promise you that Troy and Gabriella will have your heart by the end. I will forever have a desire to be an East High Wildcat. :’)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there it is! The world now knows my top nine favorite movies. I feel as if this week’s blog post was the most fun to write! I enjoyed writing with no limitations and complete creative freedom. I hope that I’ve inspired you to watch any one of these movies. I had no idea I loved rating/reviewing movies so much! As always, thank you so much for tuning in for this week’s post. You all mean the world to me! Come back soon!


Fun With Photos + Spooky Short Story – SBC Week Three


     Walking around in this costume was becoming more and more unbearable by the minute. It was Halloween night, and I frivolously made the subconscious decision to go as a mummy. That was my bad on my end, however, now I was stuck waddling around all night. Chad, Maggie, Sophie, and Jack were already ahead of me and the night had just begun. I had a bad feeling about what the night had in store for us, little did I know just how bad things would turn out…

     “You guys are so slow! Come on!” Chad roared. 

     “We’re not slow, you’re just going too fast,” Maggie snapped. I’d always had a feeling that Maggie and Chad had a crush on each other. I don’t even know why, I mean, doesn’t Chad know the code? Girls have cooties! I gave Chad a devilish smirk and watched as his cheeks flashed a bright hue of red. 

     “You know what would be fun? If we gave the old Harvey House a visit!” Jack ambitiously called out. The Harvey House was a huge mansion just around the end of our block. Nobody dared even get within seven feet of it. I would have never said it aloud due to the embarrassment, but the last thing I wanted was to get abducted by a hungry vampire or a deranged ghost. 

     “I’ll bet all of my Halloween candy that if we visited the house, Jack would be the first one sprinting down the block in terror,” Sophie said between giggles. It was true, Jack was all talk. He puts up a facade that he’s all tough, but we all know that he’s secretly a scaredy-cat through and through.

    “You know what? Let’s do it,” Chad agreed. “What do we have to lose?”

    “I’m in if you are,” Sophie added. “Come on, Mags! You too, Logan!”

     “I guess I’m in too,” Maggie said hesitantly. “If I’m going, Logan has to go!”

     “I- Alright, I g-guess I’ll go t-too,” I stuttered. “But, the minute something weird happens, we’re leaving.”

    “Deal,” Jack muttered. It was official; We were visiting the Harvey House. Oh my gosh, we were visiting the Harvey House! We made a beeline towards the house. Looking back, I remember a stern feeling in my gut. As we approached the house, a grim wave of panic came over me. What’s the worst that could happen, I thought.  If only I had known how bad things could get…

Connect Through Commenting – SBC Week Two

Hi y’all! Welcome back to my blog where we enter week two of the Student Blogging Challenge! This week, we drove our focus to commenting. I teamed up with my classmate, Lily, and together we created a step-by-step guide to commenting.

Lily and I are both very humorous and decided to add a twist to our guide. We decided to pull our headphones out and film our video ASMR style. We filmed the audio independently, combined our separate audios on one laptop, and then screen recorded one of us commenting for demonstration.

While creating our video, a few dilemmas popped up that resulted in us feeling completely puzzled. Our first problem was getting our audio to be in sync with our video. Independently filming our audios resulted in a very aggravating editing session. Regardless of the circumstances we were under, we managed to make it work… kinda sort of.

The next problem that popped up was the quality of the video. For some mysterious reason, the video was yellow? lol I don’t know what that’s about but I would like to clarify that it is NOT welcome here. Our final problem was that our ASMR skills were subpar and in some scenes, you could barely hear us; but that’s a conversation we’ll save for another day.

In other news, I am so excited for next week’s blogging challenge. So far, the SBC has been a blast to participate in. I cannot wait to see what the remainder of the challenge holds for me!

To check out Lily’s blog, click here! ->

To watch our guide to commenting, click below! (I would recommend earbuds!)

Mini-Me – SBC Week One



     *Drum roll please* For the first time ever, I would like to introduce my mini-me to the world! This is my avatar and if you ask me, it looks pretty identical to me. Creating this avatar was overall such a fun experience! You can learn more about the behind the scenes of constructing not only my mini-me, but also my class’ avatars as well, on my class slideshow. ->

In other news, this week is week one of the Student Blogging Challenge! I’m completely ecstatic and am so amazed by what I’m seeing already. I loved this week’s challenge especially because of how it allowed us all to express ourselves, while also allowing us to help describe ourselves a bit better. The one thing that is the same about all of us is that we are all different. Difference is beautiful and I think that it is incredibly important to recognize.

    Well folks, that’s all for this week’s post. I hope I didn’t bore you too much haha. Leave a comment down below if you have any of the same features as me! I’m super interested in how much we all not only differ from each other, but how similar we are as well. Like what ya see? Go check out my ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ post: 

While you’re there, you should totally confess your wildest theater freak thoughts on Emma’s blog! –

    Come back soon! Until next time…

Alphabet Aerobics

     Hey! I’m back and I’m here today to tell you a little more about myself, but with a twist! I hope you all enjoy!

     Let’s start with the fact that I am an athlete and enjoy playing both basketball and lacrosse. Whenever I’m feeling tense, I go outside and shoot some hoops or play wall-ball. I often find myself craving the adrenaline that you feel when you’re sprinting down the court or zig-zagging down the field.

     Besides sports, I enjoy cozying up with a blanket and a cup of tea, and watching a movie or reading a book. Some of my favorite TV shows are, but are not limited to, The Office, The Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, Riverdale, Stranger Things and The Flash. Every weekend, the most difficult decision for me, is choosing which movie to watch or what episode of The Office to choose that will grab my attention. My love of film has also built my love for writing! I think writing is such an excellent way to express yourself. I like to think of writing as an exquisite creative outlet and find that it’s such a significant part of who I am.

     Another fabulous way I like to express myself is through blogging! I’m so excited to connect with others who have the same interests as me! Although this is only my second post, I’ve already had a blast coming up with blog ideas. I cannot wait to build a bond between my readers and I.

     I’ve mentioned this before, but styling my hair is not a talent I obtain. I can’t style my hair at all! My very glamorous hair routine consists of washing, conditioning, brushing, and putting up into a ponytail. Ponytails truly are an integral part of my life and I wouldn’t be “Mariam” without my classic ponytail. My dad often jokes that you can tell who am I just by looking at the back of my head!

     I would also consider myself a funny person. I absolutely love making people happy and just overall spreading joy. There’s nothing better than cracking jokes with my loved ones. The light energy that comes from making others laugh is my favorite feeling ever! The people that make me laugh the hardest are probably my brothers. I’m totally convinced that even if we weren’t kindred, we would still be best friends in one way or another. Elias and Rashad, if you’re reading this, you guys have a comedy career ahead of yourselves. They make me laugh, no, CACKLE, like no one else.

     If I’m being completely honest, I’m running out of things to talk about so let me talk about my name! My name is Mariam and if you didn’t know that… well, that’s awkward. My grandmother named me and when I was younger, I ALWAYS used to think negatively of my name, but I wouldn’t want any other name :’). According to the internet, my name means a variety of things. I’ve heard “beloved,” “sea of bitterness,” “star of the sea,” and even “grace.” Some of these are a tad bit odd, but I’ll take whatever compliment I can get! 

     Something cool about me that most don’t know is that I’m an ambivert through and through. When I first meet you, I’m as introverted as ever, but once you get to know me, my extroverted ways begin to spring out. Many call me the “life of the party!” I will always enjoy staying home and keeping to myself, but I also hate being lonely and consider it absolutely quotidian to get out a couple of times a day and interact with the world around me.

     This next fact is slightly embarrassing, but I’m a complete romantic. I have a soft spot for Rom-Coms and romance novels. They truly are my guilty pleasure. I cannot believe I’m exposing myself on the internet right now, but hey, what’re ya gonna do?  My favorite series of all time is The Selection and I LOVE watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise. It’s all just so sweet! I love it, however, to me, Hannah’s decision is a taboo subject.

     This post is already too long, and I hope I haven’t lost your interest yet! I have just a few more uber important facts about myself left to share so hold on tight, ladies and gentlemen. One of those facts is that my ultimate goal in life is to be extremely vivacious in all that I do. This journey we refer to as life goes by so fast; why waste it being unhappy? My one goal in life, (besides meeting Post Malone haha) is to become infatuated with every aspect of my life. 

     One of my final fun facts ( ooh that ~alliteration~) is that I played the xylophone in kindergarten. I’ve always been into music, and I figured you all should know about the start of my music career as a youngling. When I was in fourth and fifth grade, I had played recorder, and in sixth grade I played the trumpet. Mrs. Sheridan always says that she cannot “carry a tune” and I haven’t heard more relatable words. Although I also “cannot carry a tune,” one of absolute favorite things to do is throw bathroom/shower concerts.

     My final share of the day is that my mom, my best friend, is named Zarmina. My mom is my favorite human being on the planet! I only have brothers, so naturally, my mom and I are very close! I love my mom with my whole heart, but I must admit, she does have a shopping problem. Mom, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that we do not need those succulents or those candles. Please, put them down. Love you mom!

     Well, I hope you learned a little more about me! I’m so excited to share my experiences with you all throughout the course of the challenge! Thank you so much for visiting! Comment down below if you share any of the same interests as me! I’d love to hear! Come back soon! Until next time…


All About Mariam!

Hi! My name is Mariam and I am an eighth grader at River Bend Middle School. Here are ten fun facts about me!

1 – I am a huge Marvel fan! I have seen every movie and can announce to the world with pride, that Captain America is my favorite, followed closely behind by Scarlet Witch. My brother and I have this tradition, where we preorder our tickets months in advance before the next movie comes out, and we attend the midnight premiere. My all-time favorite Marvel movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, however, Avengers: Endgame holds a special place in my heart as well. :’)


2 – Speaking of my brother, I actually have two! I am proud to declare that I am the youngest of three children! I have two older brothers who both attend George Mason University. Go Patriots! Elias is nineteen and is a sophomore majoring in biology (he’s still fun, I promise), and Rashad is eighteen and a freshman majoring in business. My brothers and I are very close, (although not in age), and I’m sure their names will appear in my blog often. 


3 – I am a crazy Office fanatic! To say I’m obsessed, would be an understatement. I have watched all nine seasons seven times and am currently on my eighth run. After school and on the weekends, you can usually find me watching The Office. My favorite character would have to Jim, however, Stanley and his sassy comments always get me. “It’s Pretzel Day.”


4 – My next fact is that I have a huge fear of snakes. Ever since I was young, something about them was always unsettling to me. I immediately tense up just at the sight of one’s picture. My substantial fear of snakes also means that I have to close my eyes during the zoo scene in Harry Potter. You also won’t catch me speaking Parseltongue anytime, ever.


5 – Another more FUN fact about myself is that I have memorized all three High School Musical soundtracks and can rap all of Alphabet Aerobics, by Blackalicous, in a heartbeat. (The clean version, of course). I cannot sing for the life of me, but I love music so much. My favorite song off of the High School Musical soundtracks is probably Bet On It. Troy is amazing in every way possible. Go Wildcats!


6 – As mentioned in my previous fact, I love music! One of my favorite singers is Sabrina Carpenter. She is my idol and her most recent album, Singular Act II, is such a BOP! (Not that the others aren’t). In March of 2019, I attended my first concert EVER, and you guessed it, I saw Sabrina Carpenter. While in line outside of the venue, her tour bus was parked right next to us. Her mom came out of the tour bus, and get this… WAVED BACK TO ME! Months later, I’m still not over it. If Sabrina Carpenter is reading this, I just want to say that you’re incredible and that in the least creepiest way possible, I love your mom.


7 – Unfortunately, I cannot style my hair. I wear a ponytail everyday, and I have been wearing ponytails to school for the past nine years. I will always have my hair up in a ponytail with a scrunchie. They have become an integral part of me and my life. Ponytails have kind of become my thing, ya know? 


8 – I’m trilingual (kinda)! I speak English (as you can tell), Farsi, which was actually my first language, and I’m learning Spanish! I am currently taking Spanish II in school. Learning a new language is so cool because while learning the language, you also learn about the culture your language originates from, and to me, that is incredible. Do you speak another language? If so, leave a comment down below! I’d love to hear!


9 – My next fact is that I have a scar on my right eyebrow. This one is kind of odd and really random but hey, it’s true! I don’t know when it made its first appearance, but it’s there! Many say it reminds them of Charlie Puth’s eyebrow scar. I’ll take that as a compliment? Speaking of scars, I also have one under my chin from a biking accident. When I was six years old, I was learning to ride a bike with no training wheels. Being as clumsy as I am, I rode straight into a fence cutting my chin. The accident left a scar and a lifelong lesson that I need to be more careful. The one good thing that came out of the accident was that I learned to ride my bike. I love going on bike rides with my family and friends!


10 – My final fact is that I am a travel enthusiast through and through! One of my favorite feelings on the planet is getting off the plane in my vacation destination. The perfect word to describe me is wanderlust. A few of my dream travel destinations are Italy, Bora Bora, Greece, and Bali. By far, my favorite trip has to be my trip to Moscow in 2016. I have been to Russia twice now and it is the most beautiful place EVER. I also took a trip to Los Angeles, California in 2017. The highlight of that trip was visiting Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is with great delight that I call myself a Gryffindor and a happy Potterhead. 🙂