Girls In Computer Science


I chose to send my communication to LCPS because this is aimed at parents to encourage their daughters to go into the computer science field and LCPS can easily give this to parents who are interested in showing the field to their daughters. My audience, which in this case are the parents of students, gave me the choice of presenting the material in an incredibly easy manner to read, and I chose a concise brochure which is able to present all needed information in a quick fashion.  I also had to decide if I was going to use different and appealing colors in order to engage the students if their parents forced them to read the brochure. Because of my rhetorical situation, I also had to cut many of the quotes, fancy words, and lengthly sentences. A substantial use of quotes would not be appealing to the reader and would disengage them very quickly. Some parents would not know the meaning of the words I had used in my paper and I wanted to make the content in the brochure as easy to read and understand as possible. A few of the sentences in my paper are very lengthy and could be broken into a few different sentences, so to help the reader understand the meanings, I decreased sentence variation and made them shorter.