Tips for Trips

This time, I will discuss some tips that I hope you will find helpful before going on a trip. Tip #1:  Always pack your belongings for a trip at least one day before the trip. When you are rushing in the morning to gather your things, there is more chance of you forgetting the many […]


When going on a vacation to somewhere nice or historically amusing, many people bring back souvenirs as memories of their trip.  Some have even made it a hobby of theirs to collect souvenirs to represent the many areas they have visited. While some souvenirs may be small or seem insignificant, it is important to remember […]

Peek inside Italy

When looking for new places to travel during spring break or any other vacation breaks, for some, it may be hard. Last time, I blogged about France, so this time I decided to talk about Italy. This amazing and widely known country has many amusing sites for tourists to visit. One place is the colosseum […]

Summer Days

Summer is just around the corner! That means school will be ending and the vacations begin. Most people tend to choose the beach as the best vacation spot during the summer. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I went to two different beaches that were located in Virginia and Maryland last summer. Although, I preferred Virginia […]

The Power of the Mountains

This summer I went with my whole family to the mountains for a week. In all honesty, I enjoyed getting away from the  summer assignments, conflicts, and almost everything to taking in a serene scene that allowed me to experience tranquility and the power of nature. These kind of trips are, in my opinion, imperative […]

The Red Moon

Most of the time, when we go traveling to a different country or state, we focus on the activities we were planning to do or spending time with our loved ones. While these are all good things to do, paying attention to the small things in life could also be of great significance. It’s important […]

Comfortable & Confident

Some of us have trouble deciding what to wear to the airport, what to wear inside the airport, and what to wear from the airport. The best suggestion I would give is anything comfortable, especially if it’s a long plane ride. When going to the airport most people are tired from packing the day before […]

Tackling The Time

When taking a plane ride to somewhere far like outside the country, the amount of time before the plane lands may be boring and a struggle. Some people prefer to sleep through the whole plane ride, but not all of us are the sleep-and-wake up type when it comes to long plane rides. So, here […]

Bowling & Rolling

I look forward to summer the most every year because it is the only season that we do the most amusing activities as a family. Last year, the older kids got to go to the bowling alley that recently opened. I went with my sister and two cousins. We are fairly similar in age, so […]

Tips for Plane Rides

#1: Time management is very important. If you don’t want to miss your flight, you must plan accordingly and manage your time. It is best recommended that you arrive a few minutes before boarding time, so you aren’t hustling the last minute.   #2: Some people have trouble sleeping on the plane since it’s uncomfortable. […]