Tips for Trips

This time, I will discuss some tips that I hope you will find helpful before going on a trip.

Tip #1:  Always pack your belongings for a trip at least one day before the trip. When you are rushing in the morning to gather your things, there is more chance of you forgetting the many things you were planning to bring with you on the trip.

Tip #2: If you are someone who can’t handle long road trips because of nausea, I would strongly recommend you purchase a Sea Band Wristband which is a motion sickness band that relieves nausea.

Tip #3: Pack comfortable shoes. This is very important since you want to be comfortable during your trip and, especially, if you will be walking often during your trip.

Tip #4: Pack water bottles and snacks. It is very important to pack some things to snack on and water to kill the feeling of thirst. Some snacks that I love to pack on trips include cheez-it, goldfish, chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies, and pretzels.


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