Pics from Planes

When going on plane rides, there is a reason why many people fight for the window seat. In my family, my sisters and I scramble our way to our seat in the plane in order to occupy the window seat. The view through the window when soaring through the sky is such a pleasant thing […]

Another Great Adventure

          This summer I went to an amazing park with my whole family. This park was opened by the president of Uzbekistan and the president of Turkmenistan. So, it was very enormous in size and extremely popular for its many rides. When we went there, we immediately got a map handed […]

The Tower Of Joy

               This summer, I traveled to central asia with my whole family. We have other family members/relatives there, as well, so it was a very exciting trip for all of us. Reuniting with my other family members is one long awaited moment for all of us because we only […]