Critique in Graphic Design

I decided to create a google site to redirect my points to a new audience. My initial paper was directed to business professionals in the graphic design industry and discussed the effects of positive and negative feedback. My google site, however, is focused on graphics students. The reason I decided make this change is because I hope to teach graphics students something new that they may not learn in their art classes. I decided to send my website to my graphics teacher suggesting she share it with her first year graphics students because of how much critiquing we do in the class.

I felt as if this was the best media to communicate with my new audience because of its simplicity and how instant it is. Moreover, I thought that the ability to take this resource anywhere was important and would be enabled if you could easily pull up a website on your phone.

My primary goal when creating the website was to ensure it appealed with its target audience. As a result, I changed the text to be less formal and easier to read. Additionally, I took out the more in depth research sections that included stats and examples and simplified it overall.


Today is Halloween, and although the day has not ended yet, I can say that this was a more disappointing Halloween compared to earlier years. Firstly, I had no plans for Halloween this year, mostly because I forgot to make plans in the first place. Secondly, it’s raining. It started raining earlier than I think anyone in my neighborhood was expecting because this year I only gave out one two boxes of king sized chocolate bars rather than the four we usually give out. I only got to see a few costumes, consisting of a group of disney princesses, a swat officer, and most importantly, three inflatable dinosaurs. Even though this Halloween was gloomier than most, I honestly think the dinosaurs made everything worth it. I sat on my porch bench, watching as the group of dinosaurs wobbled down the driveway while I simultaneously handed the swat officer a twix bar. Once they reached my house, all three of them couldn’t fit on my porch as I held out the box of chocolates, waiting for them to make their choice between m&ms, twix, snickers, and a milky way. One of the three dinosaurs quickly made their decision and  grabbed their candy However, the dinosaur found themselves in a predicament. Two dinosaurs were waiting to get onto the porch and one was trying to get off of the porch. After a few obvious seconds of quiet contemplation, it was clear the dinosaur stuck on my porch had made a choice. The dinosaur once stranded was now wading through bushes and flowers and even made his way around our bird bath.

College Applications

As I was scrolling through the blog posts, looking for some to comment on, I noticed that a lot of the most recent posts were about college applications. It’s probably because one of the first deadlines is tomorrow and after tomorrow all the deadlines will start to pile up. On top of the work we get in a lot of the classes we are all taking, we always have college apps looming in the back of our minds. With so many aspects out of our hands, like sending transcripts and submitting letters of recommendation, I feel like I’m not completely  in control of my college application process which I feel like is causing most of the stress associated with the process as a whole. While I appreciated being able to check on Naviance whether my transcript and letters have been sent, I can’t help but get a second confirmation from my teacher or counselor, whether it be over email or in person.

Additionally, I have already finished most of my applications but as I check and revise them for the second and third time, I’m always changing things.  For example, I was done with my essay a week ago but as I read my college essay for what I thought was the last time, I ended up completely changing the layout of my paper. Hopefully, by my incoming November 15th deadline I’ll have most of the elements of my college application at least a little bit closer to finished than it is now.

My VCUarts Experience

I recently went to VCU to participate in a three week long intensive art camp. I knew I would be staying in a dorm with someone I’ve never met and I also knew that I would be surrounded by the same 20 people in my major for almost a month straight. However, none of this seemed to register in my mind until I was actually walking down the halls of the dorm building. When I got to the campus I was incredibly intimidated. What felt like hundreds of soon to be high school seniors and juniors surrounded me, all signed up for whatever major they were passionate about. Whether it be photography, fashion design, sculpture or any other fine arts major the school had to offer. I went into this program thinking it would be fun and carefree but I was very wrong. Yes, it was incredibly fun but it was not carefree in the slightest. I finally understood what they meant when they called the program “VCUarts Summer Intensive Program.” They stayed true to their word and filled our days with as much enrichment as they could fit. My graphic design class in particular spent our days in two hours of instructional lessons and five to seven hours of studio time, depending on the day of the week. We were exhausted at the end of every day, practically dragging ourselves out of bed every morning in time for breakfast, but I wouldn’t change one bit of the experience. I learned so many new things about graphic design and met too many incredibly passionate people to count.

Titling my Portfolio Pieces

When I first began creating my college application portfolio at the end of last year, I thought that the most difficult part was going to be the time consuming process of creating the pieces. However, as I finished up the what I thought was the hardest part, a new challenge presented itself to me. Titles and statements. I started by laying out my pieces in front of me, trying to write down the first thing that came to mind. But as I sat on these preliminary titles for a few days, they seemed dull. I was simply writing down names that I’ve heard before and had stored in the back of my mind. For example, I first titled this picture “water” which isn’t the most creative thing I could come up with and it also didn’t quite fit in with my statement. “My next step was sitting down with everyone’s favorite website, As I fell down a rabbit hole of synonyms, my titles gradually became more complex, and then maybe a little too complex. The titles were now words that no one has ever heard of. How do I come up with titles that aren’t boring but also aren’t outrageously pretentious? I find it’s a surprisingly thin line to walk. I sat down with a couple of my friends over facetime, holding up each of the fourteen pieces while asking them to try and find a medium between my dull and pretentious titles. Thanks to their help, I now have fourteen titles that I mostly like. There are still a few titles that lean a bit into far into either side of the spectrum, but I think they balance eachother out nicely.

High School Artifact

The tennis court. I hadn’t been there enough times to call it “our place” but the few times I was there it was always after 10pm and I was always with friends who gave me a feeling of sanctuary. Something about the bright lights making the tennis court feel like the only structure for at least a couple miles gave us a feeling of solitude. The only company there being the three of us, the sky and the disgustingly large amount of moths and other bugs. I would like to say that we laid on the tennis court ground using our sweatshirts as pillows as we analyzed the stars and clouds and sky. But in reality we laid on the tennis court ground using our sweatshirts to cover our faces as the many gnats and moths and other things swarmed around the tennis court lights.  Although the bugs were very present and made up a notable portion of conversation, we mostly talked about the future. Something about this setting made us want to talk about our biggest aspirations and our biggest fears. On this particular night we talked mostly about college as this was the nights before one of us was moving out. And because we had talked about so many deep topics in this tennis court, it made us feel like it was “our place,” even if we’d only been there two times because the bugs scared us away.

Organic Object

When I picked up this cucumber from the garden in my backyard, I thought I would never run out of things to write about. It was quite a strange shape with it being skinny in the middle and bulbous on either ends. The cucumbers middle was yellow and had weird white spikes growing from it. The spikes were growing from pore looking bumps that were more lightly colored than the rest of the vegetable (fruit?). It did not fit in with the other cucumbers. I thought I would not run out of things to write about but as I was writing my last journal entry I found myself writing about the same white spikes and odd coloring as it hadn’t changed much since the first day I wrote about it.

When I picked up the cucumber I had seen it about a week prior and thought about how out of place it seemed amongst the rest of the more conventional looking ones. It was tangled in leaves and vines and thorns and other plants in the box. It was handing low to the ground, just waiting to fall. Kind of like when it’s such a dreary day that you can tell that it’s about to rain and you just wait for the raindrops to fall from the clouds. Except now the cucumber will never have the satisfaction of touching the dirt beneath it because I plucked it off it’s vine before it could do so. I wonder how long the cucumber would be waiting before it fell to the ground.

When I picked up the strange thing I was not expecting to think about clouds full of rain and how long the cucumber would be waiting there if I hadn’t decided it’s fate, but I guess that’s just the type of stuff that you write about after you’ve written about weird white spikes and sun spots two or three times over.