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I’d LOVE to write about an actual dream for y’all, but they have been so weird and disturbing lately I would rather keep them to myself. Yikers. At the very least, I hope you have had better dream experiences than I did over winter break!

Instead, here are some dreams for 2119. I’ll probably be dead by then, but here’s what I hope will happen (not what I think will happen).

  • The cure for depression!!! This will literally never happen. It is human nature, our deeply ingrained survival instincts, that make us so harshly critical towards ourselves. We would have to edit our genes and make us less anxious and self-critical by nature in order to fix this. And that in itself would make us inhuman.
  •  The discovery of a new inhabited planet… I don’t care if it’s intelligent or unintelligent life but another habitable planet would open so many doors. I would feel less alone. This could happen. And we would probably ending up hurting them and their planet.
  • Nuclear Fusion! We could power the world and give energy to everyone on earth, regardless of income and circumstance. This could happen. And it could have disastrous consequences. Remember what happened when atomic energy and technology was created?
  • Equal rights for every single human being, across the entire world. No more child marriages. Do you truly think this will happen?
  • No more war. On some level, war may stop due to the sheer power of our progressing weaponry and technology. But violence will never stop, unless we edit our genes and change human nature.
  • A healthier earth–I hope by 2119, we will have given up coal and fossil fuels and will rely completely on renewable energy (NUCLEAR FUSION!!!), and I hope we would have reversed some of the effects of climate change, and clean up pollution. I also want more habitats for animal species, in order to preserve the unique inhabitants of our earth. This won’t happen. At least not to the extent I hope it will–there will be certain irreversible effects that we cannot change.
  • Moon landings for recreation. I’d LOVE to go into space! Yeah, it’s scary, but I think being able to see the universe from way above is 100% worth it. We are already working on this! Yes, it will certainly happen.
  • Space colonies. We will definitely need to expand and no one on earth is gonna decide to stop having children for the greater good. If we cure most diseases by then, the growth rate will also increase rapidly. Hmmmmm… it could happen, or we would just die out before it does. Humans have good survival instincts, and if moving to space is our ONLY way to survive, we will do it.
  • Super realistic VR videogames! That sounds so so fun; I bet we will have amazing recreational technology by then. Yup! This will happen. I just wish the more important dreams on my list could happen too.
  • Advanced prosthetic medical technology to the point where we can create artificial hearts and eyes for those who have lost important body pieces!! Cyborrggsssssss Yeah, this will probably happen….but of course they’ll only be available to the rich.