my drawing dream 🤡


A dream of mine is to be able to animate one day–whether professionally or as a personal project. I’m currently working on a digital cartoon style,  by using the program Procreate, to be one step closer to smooth and dynamic animation. My usual painting/sketching style is too complex for digital animation considering I’m too broke to buy good programs and equipment.

Hope you enjoy! I can post more art if you guys want 🙂 . The banner of my blog site is actually one of my favorite pieces of mine.

my favorite reoccurring dream

Image result for tall trees

I always have this dream. It’s a warped version of my neighborhood, with giant trees and buildings much taller than they truly are. The trees crowns brush the clouds, and the ground far below is covered in pillowy grass and wildflowers. But everything is off, somehow. The playground by the elementary school is giant–it’s the size of a castle that is almost as tall as the trees. The school that is supposed to be there is nowhere to be found. The orderly little row of brick townhouses where I live is the only sign of humans in the entire dreamscape.

You would not believe how blue the sky always is, or how windy the days typically are. The mammoth trees have leaves the size of rugs that flutter around the sky, which seems to be bigger than usual. It’s like you can tell that the clouds are farther away and that the wind goes on for miles. You can kinda see the wind too, like in a cartoon. There’s a bunch of pretty swirly white lines dancing through the sky, showing the direction of the wind currents. Why, you might ask, is the wind so important? When a particularly strong gust of wind races along, and I reach out my arms, jump, and hold my breath until it aches–I can fly. I can only take off if I jump from a high, dangerous pace (like my house porch, a tree, or the playground). I cannot rise up from the ground. And I cannot stay afloat if I don’t focus all my sleeping brain cells on staying afloat and unafraid. My dreams do this weird thing where if I start to become frightened, my brain immediately makes what scares me happen right there and then. In other words, if I become scared or think I’ll fall, I will fall.

Perhaps there’s a reason I can only fly if I take a literal leap of faith and recklessly jump off some high ledge. Maybe there’s an explanation regarding why I can’t fly when adults are looking at me. I love it when children watch me fly–it’s so funny to see their expressions (somewhat blurry due to the nature of dreams, but the emotion is still there). I wish this dream would last for hours, and I wish it was more realistic. It, in my mind, is my ideal world.