shout out Kate! (author of GETS SPOOKED)

I’m not used to seeing other dream diary entries on our blog sites, so I was super excited when I saw that this amazing blogger posted her very own recurring dream description. With her permission, I’ll dissect some of the dream and offer an explanation. While I do NOT believe that dreams can be translated into a specific meaning, I know Kate well enough to know what memories and experiences her brain made the dreams out of.

Let’s get started!


  1. UHHhhhhh whenever we hang out we are usually in the basement playing smash brothers or something so maybe your brain took this memory?
  2. Our general friend group has a lot of people and sometimes there are sub-cliques and stuff, and at HOCO we had to divide the people due to the sheer amount (I’m really reaching here).
  3. And for the ending I think Kate just watches too much Ratatouille. remy4life


Let me know what you think @TARAZIKATE ! Hope you like my explanation. Maybe cut back on the Ratatouille.

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