what do you dream about?


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Hey y’all! I hope you have had a great snow day! Since I post so much about my dreams, its would be super interesting if maybe you commented a short summary of one of yours under this post so I can read them :). It would be really fun and maybe I could compile all of them into a post later. Thank you!

(By the way, the picture is Munna, a Pokemon that eats dreams. So cute lmao.)



4 thoughts on “what do you dream about?

  1. My dreams usually have to do with people I know or just people who go to our school. Most of the time they’re of events that could actually happen in real life. A lot of the time if it’s a sad dream, I wake up crying because I think it actually happened lol

    1. I wake up all the time too! I’m so sorry to hear that your dreams are disturbing and negative 🙁 . Maybe your brain is trying to tell you something?

  2. I always barely remember them 5 mins after i wake up and when im in the dream everything is completely blurry and voices are not vivid, nothing is clear basically. there is also never a specific plot, things are just kind of happening very very randomly. but they do leave me with very strong feelings, i wish i had vivid dreams like you

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