Issues of Delays in the Mechanical Engineering field

For my project, identifying the biggest issues of mechanical engineers, I sent the video to both my interviewees as my audience. I selected them because they both are mechanical engineers in which I received much of my research from. I hope to see them share it to their colleagues and friends as well.

My two main rhetorical situations were that of audience and message. Moreover, determining that my audience would be mechanical engineers in the field or going to be in the field, my choice of genre was determined in order to be able to talk to them aloud while reading them my research. I thought that a website would be able to get the message across because it is more attractable to watch a video and it give out information.

Furthermore, my message in my project ultimately was forced to change from a style like you were reading it to a style that sounded like was talking it to someone. Hence, the rhetorical situation of message and the audience forced me to have to reformat my project to fit its genre of a video.

Because my rhetorical situation was related to my message and audience, in my paper I formatted the majority of it in order to best get my message across like it was a conversation. I did not pick everything out to use in my paper, but rather chose the most impactful information, in the least amount of space in order to get me message and audience across. Overall, my rhetorical situation of audience and message help determine my genre and change it to best get my information across.

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I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not all that a fan of Halloween. As a kid I couldn’t wait for it. Spending all the time picking the costume. Most of the time it was some sort of a superhero, but I always noticed it drove my parents crazy. I never understood why it bothered them so much. For the longest time it was up to my parents to who walked with me and who stayed home to pass out the candy. It was not until i was in middle school I could go alone, but I still could not get why they hated it. Now that I am in high school they make it up to me to pass out all the candy. Now that I am forced to do so over the past few years I have now started to begin why they hate passing it out. Combined with me just wanted to do my homework, the dog barking every time the door rang, and the dog freaking out when he saw a moving figure with a mask on, I just could not be in a worse mood. Keeping up with these things from about 6pm to 9pm was such a hassle. I have now designated my homework all around it because I know I will lose if I try and do so. Although I do realize that it is just one day out of the other 364 days, but every year it comes up I remember to plan around it.

Hershey vs. Starburst

When critiquing in this case two different types of candy it is important to not get broad, but rather stay very specific. Ensuring you have adequate detail in these kinds of comparison/contrast papers is very important. Firstly, the appearance of a Hershey Kiss has a cone shape structure and reflective wrapper. When looking at the Hershey Kiss it seems a kid may have wrapped it due to the foil being bunched together. On the other hand, a Starburst has a rectangular prism shaped wrapper that is folded neatly and perfectly as if an adult wrapping presents did so. Furthermore, the name Starburst has a fun connotative feeling that appeals to kids with its bright appearance. Contrasting, the Hershey Kiss’ name reminds people of love and is thought to be more about it since chocolate is a common gift around times like Valentines day or Christmas. Not only is the kiss about love, but it also carries a more mature trait that is given to adults compared to a Starburst to kids. In addition, a Hershey has a milky sweet taste that melts down in ones mouth and is mostly crafted out of more organic ingredients like cocoa beans. When a Starburst is created, it is obviously made out of synthetic, not natural flavours which is why it has such a sweet, chewy, and gummy taste. Overall, it is an important strategy to address as many situations of rhetoric as you can, such as audience, context, setting, message, and purpose but not limited too one of them. The more you address the better you can attack your paper.

Childhood Memory

I remember and continue to flash back to a quite ironic and funny memory. More specifically, a memory of my sister and I one afternoon standing on top of the house stairs. Without thinking,  we were leaning over the white and brown handrail where the top of our steps overlooks the front of the house. Like all siblings we were always fighting about everything. Whether it was over who had possession of the television remote, what color toy we got, or who got what first we were always competing. Anyway, we were fighting about something (of course I do not remember as it was many many years ago) and I happened to slap her out of retaliation. Just for your knowledge my sister is a few years older than me, and at the time was bigger than I was. Because she was the older sibling and could communicate better than I could, my parents typically favored everything in her favor. At least that is how I saw it. I slapped her as a pay back to her sibling bullying up against me. While I may have slapped her thinking I got the ultimate pay back on my sister, I happened to knock her tooth out. You may be thinking how is this ironic, well it is ironic because later that night or the next morning she was greeted with a few bucks from the tooth fairy. Now that I had thought I achieved justice, it was shortly destroyed by the unfortunate mocking that my sister repaid me regarding her now received money. So now that I believed I got my retaliation, it instead came back around as karma.

My Understanding of Failure

Failure and setbacks can be immensely difficult to take in at first. It stirs the most emotion and frustration out of us, whether it’s receiving a low grade on that test or it’s not meeting the requirements on a sports team or in a job. It is an embarrassment to have failure set upon us, but in many cases it’s the best thing that could ever happen. My understanding of failure begins at the point that everyone has failed or will fail at some point of time. It is humanly impossible to no fail. We all hear the stories of people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and that they are Multi- multi billionaires. Although many never knew where they came from. While Bill Gates flunked out of college and Steve Jobs was fired from his own company they both learned from their failures and became extremely successful. Today in the age of social media, people perceive themselves false things just to ensure no one can see their real life problems. In reality, everyone is going through something and everyone is worried everyday, whatever it might be. Many of us do not accept our failure but instead try to reject them. If you show a plan of improvement or a way that you’re gonna pick yourself up after failing then that’s the best you can do.  No one is perfect in anyway and we all go through rough times. Especially at time of reflection during our last year in high school, we should all begin to look back at our hard times and good times and learn from them. What do you think?

Your College Essay Is Not a Selfie

Being vulnerable in a college essay is what recruiters want to see. Not being one myself, but with the age of social media and technology most people try to pursue their live as perfect when it really isn’t. They try to hide those problems behind a piece of class.

Throughout the past few weeks in class we have been learning what makes a perfect college essay. We have read several essays, explored the writing process, and learned about our diction, tone, and subjective description. All of which help us develop our essays.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about college essays is that you have to be very personal. Colleges most of the time don’t know who we are, so it is critical to open yourself up to them in a essay. To them it should feel like they know you or can relate to you. You want to draw them into your story and the best way to do it is to be vulnerable.

Another thing I have learned is that although you need to get personal with them, you shouldn’t show off yourself or cry out your heart to them. Rather than attracting you as a possible student at their school, you may have scared them away from you.

In addition, it is important to be vulnerable. Trying to show yourself has perfect, harmless, or impenetrable will get you nowhere. Like everyone, we are all humans and we make mistakes. Colleges want you to show them your mistakes and failures and possibly show how you grew from them.

Organic Object Blog

In the first few weeks of school,  I’m assigned to bring in an organic object of my choice. Mr. Stevens tells us to analyze and read our organic piece. He reminds us to use the five senses and to write completely freely in our journals on whatever pops up first in our heads. Exquisite enough, I’ve never been assigned to write with so much freedom, so much gratitude, so much independence. 


I set off on an exploration to uncover my organic object. Although, I can’t just choose anything, being the person I am I have to have some inspiration.


My next door neighbor had an emergency and called my mother to help watch her daughter. Since I had nothing to do, I decided to go over and help out. She used these fancy scissors that cut funky designs into paper. This reminded me of using such scissors when I was younger. Seeing this, an inspiring image grew in my head. Lettuce was that image. 


The image of dark, soft, green leaves that have twisted and jagged edges. Wow how so fresh and sturdy with a such slick and healthy surface. What does it feel like to be a plant? You possess such elegant features. I guess you can’t move very much. It must suck to be so isolated, so independent.


The next few days later and I explore you again. Now you are darker. It seems you have started to wilt quite a bit. With all the dark brown and black spots, you remind me of the movie “101 Dalmations” with all the dogs and their diversive spots that possess them. It seems you have brewed a gooey green and gross soup. Your texture is now spongy, like fresh baked, warm and toasted bread. Not too mention the funky eroma you now have. 


While writing about lettuce, I have explored more independence. Not just the lettuce leaf itself has, but also writing freely. The freedom of this writing is refreshing. Something new, something to do.

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