Week 7 and 8

Today we finished our spheros challenge. If I was an engineer, I would build a time machine because I want to see the future. My partner and I made a […]

If I was an engineer I would build two things that would go together. The first thing would be building a wall by a roads intersection when the red lights […]

Blogger Shout Out!

Who can write!  Not who can write?!  I appreciated who’s divergent thinking when given the task of a real world application for Sphero!  Original idea using Sphero inside large ships […]

Today for we got to build our boat for the Sphero to take the pennies. Today I was very surprised that when my partner and I did our first boat, […]

What suprised me today was that for the sphero  didnt float. At first I thought that it would float but then it didnt. I thought it would float because it […]

Me and Roy worked on our project and we didn’t get that far. Harrison kept running every where and james tried to stop him. I added a photo that shows […]

This surprised me today, I made a raft made up of a plastic plate, tape, pool noodles, and pop stick. Today was fun and can’t wait for next Thursday.