Week 5

What makes a robot a robot?

As we assemble a robot this week, what strengths do we bring to the group? What could we work on?

Today we worked with the GoPiGo. The GoPiGo is the thing that you build then code when you are finished building. The thing that I was most proud of today […]

I’m so proud that we got some work finish. It felt good because we could program the robot. And it wasn’t easy because there was so many things that my […]

Today I was so proud of myself because we made a van and I was the programer thank you.

Today my group managed toΒ  get the GoPiGo completed. We wanted to attach the distance sensor, but we didn’t have time. We were going to attach the sensor to the […]

We finished our robot and exhausted 😧. It is a small robo car and we will code it.  

Today we builded more of Pluto (Pluto is the name of my group’s GoPiGo.)and we got to finish up to putting on the Raspberry Pie. I am most proud of […]