Week 4

Today we started solving problems with the cue.It was very exciting we were trying to make the cue make it to the deans office. Unfortunatly we failed because we couldn’t […]

Today we were all assigned to solve a world problem with our cues. Me and my partner coded cue to help a blind person walk to places like into a […]

I improve to control the Robot and I fixed the tires of the robot. I was successful to remove the hair from the robot tire. We went to the wrong […]

The problem we solved was for a teacher to get a message delivered using the cue. If the teacher wanted to deliver a message with a post it note, they […]

The problem our cue was solving was delivering a message from our classroom to the house secretary.  The distance and angle of how far it should go and how much […]

What Problems Cue Can Solve?

The Cue can solve many problems, The problmes that Michele and I solved was a problem I think many teachers have. This is the scenario that we thought of, Lets […]