Session II: Week 9

Final Week! Open House! It will be the entire session in review:

FORENSICS 101: The world of a forensic scientist — exploring microscopes and personal fingerprints … prior to solving a crime!

ROBOTIC REMIX: This is not your average playlist! Students choose a robot, a mission, and code their way to success.

ASTEROID SURVIVAL: Save the people of Alabraska and create a viable bunker for a family of four! That’s a good day’s work!

I kind of would and wouldn’t want to live on a Mars Colony. I wouldn’t because if I didn’t have to work I wouldn’t have really have an good connection […]

If I ever got the choice to go live on Mars I probably wouldn’t want to be the first to go. I would probably wait a few years to see […]

I probably  wouldn’t live on mars in a colony because I’m a kind of person who doesn’t like stuff cluttered and a space that is surrounded in people. I really […]

I would not wanna go to space because there are so many things that could go wrong. Also it is so interesting and cool maybe we could find life but […]

Today we got to work on our bunker and noah gone crazy a little. Also we still don’t know is fortnite god. I don’t want to go to Mars because […]

I would live in the colony in Mars because earth is eventually going to get hit by an asteroid so if I where in Mars I would be safer. I […]