Session II: Week 8

Create an engineering firm and save the people of Alabraska! Create a viable bunker for a family of four that has all the amenities.

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Well done, XXfortnightgodxx … well done.  The exploration of space is vast in its scope.  I appreciated your perspective!

I would explore everything because everything seems interesting and it would be fun to to see what’s really happening. But the first thing I would do is try to find […]

i am really interested in asteroids and black holes. I wanna find black holes. I wanna see what a black hole could do when there is a black hole could […]

Today we got to answer the question from our paper and Noah made a huge bunker that is going to take a long time. We also learned about a little […]

I think that I would like to explore exoplanets, I wouldn’t be looking for life, but, new materials.  The new materials could let us do things that we could never […]