Session II: Week 7


ROBOTIC REMIX: This is not your average playlist! Students choose a robot, a mission, and code their way to success.

ASTEROID SURVIVAL: Save the people of Alabraska and create a viable bunker for a family of four! That’s a good day’s work!

If I went to space the first place I would go to Pluto because I think no one has been there and I want to be the first person on […]

Blogger Shout Out!

My Queen! Your post was touching, 882441.  I appreciated the attention you gave to people who “suffer” from sickness.  You are royalty at heart!!

Today Joel made a design that looks really awesome. Also a graduate student from the M.I.T made an algorithm and help get the first ever picture of a black hole. […]

I think my mindset changed since the beginning of the year because I am more detailed with my writing and I am more appreciative to why I am here and […]