Session II: Week 3


Flags: Selecting a flag for Level Up at Seneca Ridge MS. Students vote on a flag after considering significance of colors, icons/graphic, and words.

Forensics Lab 101: The world of a forensic scientist — analyzing teacher fingerprints, hair samples, fabric and fiber samples to solve Who Stole the Gold!

Blogger Shout Out!

Great blog  on getting a medal, Poker 23!  I bet someday you will be up on a stage receiving something bright and shiny for science/robotics!  Keep your eyes on the […]

When I was about 5 there was this one girl, I wouldn’t really call it bullying it was more of teasing and just picking on me. I was new to […]

We got to vote for the flags and I voted for Joel. Then we went to the other room and we got to see “blood” and it looked cool except […]

The bravest thing I’ve probably ever done is kill a spider. This is probably the bravest thing, because I’m terrified of spiders and insects in general.

In I think 4th grade we were required to sing in front of the high schoolers. Showing up was for a grade and so we had no choice. I of […]