So I was thinking that if there are more stars out there so why not explore all of them like what there are made of and other stuff about of […]

If I were royalty I would help the poor because they don’t have what they need and most of the time what they want and I think helping our people […]

I am really focused in something sharp like a puzzle I love finding out new things and putting things back together. Hard things make me work hard and make me […]

I was afraid of snakes. I never liked them, but now that I realize it, it’s a part of nature. Nature is beautiful and I can’t get over that.

Today was awesome although I didn’t get to do a lot of the options. It was all very fun I think the best thing I did today was analysing the […]

My goal is to read 200 books this year . Last Year I wasn’t really into reading but I realized that is really fun to read books. When I saw […]

I got really surprised by how hard it would really be to create something on your own. On the raft it seemed to be very easy and when we actually […]