Today was a very chill day because we just planned on what our sphero was going to look like. I think spheros can help the world by,  if you need […]

Today we got to mess around with the cues and the spheros!! It was cool to work with different things and people to see what we could make. In one […]

I think we could of done more of coding but since the SD card wasn’t working, it was very difficult trying to connect it and then it unconnecting was annoying. […]

Today at level up with started to build our new robot! My strengths in the group was helping the builder with the parts and helping him screw them in. I […]

Today at level up we built a desk to work at and then we changed our themes in blogs. The desks we made for 2 people!

Today we searched items that we wanted to make on the 3D printer. On thingiverse and Myminifactory!!! I will be making a keychain!