For what reason would you want or not want to live in a colony in mars? I wouldn’t want to live in a colony in Mars because I would get […]

How has your mindset changed since the beginning of the year? I think my mindset changed because at the beginning of the year, it was a fresh start. It was […]

I feel like when I’m most focused is when I do my homework, and I’m most focused. Because homework is really important to me and If I never finish my […]

I think my greatest talent is eating goldfish because goldfish is sooo goooood! That I’m the best at eating them. Mostly the cheddar ones and the colorful ones! Those are […]

I think I would get a medal for eating goldfish because I love goldfish a lot. It is so good and I would get a medal for it. AND NOBODY […]

I’m good at solving easy math problems because they are very easy. BAsIc math dUHH. But actually, I think I’m good at solving problems that have bunch of clues. The […]

A topic I would like to investigate is probably crime. Because in crime has many parts to it and once you find something that helps you. Once you start, you […]

If I was a engineer I would build a time machine so I could go back inside and change everything bad that happened a long time ago. I would change […]