Who am I? Who are you?

I kind of would and wouldn’t want to live on a Mars Colony. I wouldn’t because if I didn’t have to work I wouldn’t have really have an good connection […]

I think that I would like to explore exoplanets, I wouldn’t be looking for life, but, new materials.  The new materials could let us do things that we could never […]

I am not really sure how mindset has changed the beginning of this year, but it definitely has.  I think that earlier in the year I didn’t work that hard […]

If I was a member of royalty and I had power, then, I would try to make everyplace safer. I would also make education really mandatory. I would try to […]

I think I am the most focused when I am building something that takes a long time to build like a robot. I want to finish it and begin to […]

I am afraid of not knowing what to write. Like when we have to do these reflections I sometimes just can’t figure out what to write. What are you going […]

I think that my favorite part of our field trip to the Academies of Loudoun, was the tour. The building was super big and there was so much to see. […]

I think that some of my greatest talents is when it comes to engineering and math. I think that I am good at engineering and math, based on the fact […]

So far in Level Up my favorite thing that we have done was messing around with the Ques and Spheros. I like how they were controllable and you could do […]

In I think 4th grade we were required to sing in front of the high schoolers. Showing up was for a grade and so we had no choice. I of […]