Well first what I would do is help the poor. Then I would just leave the royalty life and be freeeeeeeeeeeee. Why? Well I don’t want to be locked up […]

Things that aren’t real or the unexplained. Why? Well because you can’t explain it nor you can’t explain why it happens. Ghosts are one thing. I’m not scared of ghosts […]

My talent is being good at art kinda? I’m good at not coming up with stuff.  So here’s my blog and why all it says is this. I enjoy art […]

EATING SNACKS!!!! Ok ok yes I like eating snacks but apart from that I like that fact that get to social with others by working together with them on the […]

What’s the bravest thing you ever done? Bravest thing nah! Don’t have one but I am planning on doing something that I haven’t been able to do yet. That’s telling […]

If you could receive a medal for something outstanding. what could it be and why? For solving something important or solving an unsolved case.  Why? well  now everyone knows what […]