Today what we did was that we talked a little about the flag, and we kept trying to try to find who the criminal was

I would like to investigate crime scenes.The things I want to learn about are fingerprints and  hair samples. I also don’t like blood.

I don’t want to be a forensic scientist because  I don’t like looking at the dna, hair, pieces of shirt ect. It is gross looking at things through microscope.

I would build a huge machine that would help people in picking up trash.

Today was fun something that surprised me was that the sphero was actually waterproof and that the thing that wilber and me made is good.

My day was good we got to switch threw all of the thing that we got to do all the weeks that we have been doing. Over all I did […]

I was proud of all the work that we did!  We made great progress on our gopiego considering that we had to rebuild the robot two times. The gopie go […]