Today we got to work on our bunker and noah gone crazy a little. Also we still don’t know is fortnite god. I don’t want to go to Mars because […]

Today we got to answer the question from our paper and Noah made a huge bunker that is going to take a long time. We also learned about a little […]

Today Joel made a design that looks really awesome. Also a graduate student from the M.I.T made an algorithm and help get the first ever picture of a black hole. […]

Today I finished my maze and I got to the yellow part of my maze. We got to know about the reading festival where we can get free books and […]

Today I got to program the sphero again and I made part of my code. I brought my form today and I can’t wait to go in July. I also […]

Today we got to do another two math challenges and I got them both right expect number 4-ish. We got to program the sphero and I needed help to find […]

Today we got to choose three out of four things, I chose spheros, Cues, and Kanos. I got to play with the sphero and it was fun. The thing I liked […]

Today we got to vote for who it was that stole the gold. I brought the form today and I can’t wait to go and I’m thinking I might want […]

We got to look at dirt and how it reacted to the hydrochloric acid and in the other room we got to look at the fabric. Each one looked different […]

We got to vote for the flags and I voted for Joel. Then we went to the other room and we got to see “blood” and it looked cool except […]