I would not wanna go to space because there are so many things that could go wrong. Also it is so interesting and cool maybe we could find life but […]

i am really interested in asteroids and black holes. I wanna find black holes. I wanna see what a black hole could do when there is a black hole could […]

Today we finished coding. It was almost successful but the ending was so close to being done. We would need more time. If I were royalty i would feed the […]

Today we finished the maze, instead of big chungus we built the 2 characters of freak the mighty. The 2 people are Kevin the small one and Max the big […]

Did I overcome fear

Before I tell what i overcomed of fear. Today we chose ours robots. Roy,vinh and I started building the maze we made a big Chungus and the beginning and ending. […]

I have alots of talents. I am really good at math. I also am really good at going laying down on the couch sitting and chilling.