If I ever got the choice to go live on Mars I probably wouldn’t want to be the first to go. I would probably wait a few years to see […]

As I get older my goals change time to time. But at this age I have two goals that really interest me. Once I get into college, I would like […]

If I was an engineer I would build two things that would go together. The first thing would be building a wall by a roads intersection when the red lights […]

Today for we got to build our boat for the Sphero to take the pennies. Today I was very surprised that when my partner and I did our first boat, […]

Today I was pretty bummed that the GoPiGo wasn’t working, but to make instead we got to play with our Cue’s, Sphero, and the Everblocks. We got separated for each […]

 I think that I would add a color sensor to the GoPiGo, what a color sensor does is that you can code your robot to stop, or move a different […]