Today we made flags. Those were fun but if we gotĀ  in to it faster then we would of made more time for this fun project. I disliked the microscope […]

My goal for the future is to continue and be a engineer. I would wanna be a person that builds all different type of stuff.

If I were to build something I would build a robot that could help people do their duty’s and let them do all type of stuffs. And also help with […]

What I got surprised about was when me and my partner preston put the sphero in the water it didn’t float because the water was shallow. But the project we […]

So the sphero can probably drive lets just say it does. So on the back there is an big big popsicle stick, and the people can be on the big […]

We had a lot of fun and we had experience with the Spheros, but they were hard to control. And we went back to the cues and that was a […]