My greatest talent is sports and handwriting.  The first thing I do when I get home is to practice soccer and after that I do my homework and my mom […]

I can’t believe that the sphero swam in the water and it worked.We cut the tube of and folded around the sphero and it we left it in the water […]

Today I was so proud of myself because we made a van and I was the programer thank you.

I improve to control the Robot and I fixed the tires of the robot. I was successful to remove the hair from the robot tire. We went to the wrong […]

If i would have a hour  with a cue then i would show him my school.

We did the blox with my friends and we worked on our laptop so much.

We build a couch with are partners . That was so much fun

It’s cool and  it looks like a good Robot he looks like he is dancing