If I went to space the first place I would go to Pluto because I think no one has been there and I want to be the first person on […]

I think my mindset changed since the beginning of the year because I am more detailed with my writing and I am more appreciative to why I am here and […]

I feel most focused playing GetMIT because I really like trying to get MIT and because I want to get more MIT’s than my sister. GetMIT is like 2048.

I think my greatest talent is being small/ short and very light. I am great at this because I have been like this since I was born. I am short/small […]

My favorite thing to do at level up is eating in the beginning. At home though, my favorite thing to do is to hangout with my friends and family.

Today was so much fun because we are almost done with the lab. Today our blog is supposed to talk about what was the bravest thing you have done. If […]

Today was fun because my team was doing challenges while making a flag. I would want today to be everyday. If I had a medal, I would want me winning […]

Today we decided our group logo and group name. The other thing we did was seeing the differences in handwriting, hair, and fingerprints. My favorite part was analyzing because we […]

I’m good at easy and most of the hard problems my teacher gives me. I think I’m smart in math because I can do whatever I get and I know […]